Vol. 62, No. 1 (March 1979)

Table of Contents

Literature Review Articles

Front Matter PDF
Symposium: Sociobiology of Sex PDF
Leppla, N. C. 1-3
Symposium: Aggregation in Male Parasitic Wasps of the Genus Megarhyssa: I. Sexual Discrimination, Tergal Stroking Behavior, and Description of Associated Anal Structures Behavior PDF
Matthews, R. W., Matthews, J. R. and Crankshaw, O. 3-8
Symposium: Mating Systems, Paternal Investment and Aggressive Behavior of Acoustic Orthoptera PDF
Morris, G. K. 9-17
Symposium: Mating Behavior and Natural Selection PDF
Lloyd, J. E. 17-34
Sex Pheromone Biology of the Adult Tomato Pinworm, Keiferia Lycopersicella (Walsingham) PDF
J. R. McLaughlin, A. Q. Antonio, S. L. Poe, D. R. Minnick 35-41
Mating Competitiveness in the Laboratory of Irradiated Males and Females of Ephestia Cautella PDF
John H. Brower 41-47
Biology and Predation of Phytoseiulus Macropilis on Tetranychus Urticae PDF
C. I. Shih, S. L. Poe, H. L. Cromroy 48-53
Chlordane Residues in Florida Citrus Soils PDF
H. N. Nigg, R. F. Brooks, R. C. Bullock 54-58
Colonization of a Citrus Whitefly Parasite, Prospaltella Lahorensis, in Gainesville, Florida PDF
Nguyen Ru, R. I. Sailer 59-65
Emergence Pattern of the Sorghum Midge, Contarinia Sorghicola, and Its Parasite, Aprostocetus Diplosidis PDF
R. L. Wani, S. L. Poe, G. L. Greene 65-67
Scientific Notes: Seasonal Abundance and Parasites of the Imported Cabbageworm, Diamondback Moth, and Cabbage Webworm in Northeast Florida PDF
Ru, Nguyen and Workman, R. B. 68-69
Scientific Notes: A Method to Determine Wing Dimensions of Insects PDF
Sharp, J. L. 69-71
Scientific Notes: Toumeyella Scale, Red Imported Fire Ant, Reduce Slash Pine Growth PDF
Wilkinson, R. C. and Chellman, C. W. 71-72
Scientific Notes: Tunneling in Slash Pine by Ips Calligraphus (Germ) PDF
Wilkinson, R. C. 72-73
Historical Note PDF
S. H. Kerr 74
Book Review: An Introduction to the Aquatic Insects of North America PDF
Berner, Lewis 75
Message from the Editor PDF
Editors 76-77
The 62nd Annual Meeting of the Florida Entomological Society First Announcement and Call for Papers PDF
Editors 78
Back Matter PDF