Vol. 63, No. 4 (December 1980)

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Literature Review Articles

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1980 Fall Armyworm Symposium: Reducing the Lag Between Research Synthesis and Practical Implementation of Pest Management Strategies for the Fall Armyworm: Introduction to the Fall Armyworm Conference 1980 PDF
J. N. All 357-361
1980 Fall Armyworm Symposium: Monitoring and Predicting Fall Armyworm Infestations in North Carolina PDF
T. N. Hunt 361-363
1980 Fall Armyworm Symposium: State-of-the-Art for Predicting Damaging Infestations of Fall Armyworm PDF
C. S. Barfield, J. L. Stimac, M. A. Keller 364-375
1980 Fall Armyworm Symposium: Action Thresholds for Fall Armyworm on Grain Sorghum and Coastal Bermudagrass PDF
P. B. Martin, B. R. Wiseman, R. E. Lynch 375-405
1980 Fall Armyworm Symposium: Pheromones: Potential for Use in Monitoring and Managing Populations of the Fall Armyworm PDF
Alton N. Sparks 406-410
1980 Fall Armyworm Symposium: Cultural Manipulation of Coastal Burmudagrass to Avoid Losses from the Fall Armyworm PDF
R. E. Lynch, P. B. Martin, J. W. Garner 411-419
1980 Fall Armyworm Symposium: Fall Armyworm Plant Resistance Programs PDF
Frank M. Davis 420-424
1980 Fall Armyworm Symposium: Mechanical Infestation Device Used in Fall Armyworm Plant Resistance Programs PDF
B. R. Wiseman, F. M. Davis, J. E. Campbell 425-432
1980 Fall Armyworm Symposium: Employment of Parasitoids and Predators for Fall Armyworm Control PDF
W. Joe Lewis, Donald A. Nordlund 433-438
1980 Fall Armyworm Symposium: Pathogens for the Suppression of the Fall Armyworm PDF
Wayne A. Gardner, James R. Fuxa 439-447
1980 Fall Armyworm Symposium: Suppression of Fall Armyworm Populations by Incorporation of Insecticides into Irrigation Water PDF
J. R. Young 447-450
1980 Fall Armyworm Symposium: Diversification of Corn Agroecosystems as a Means of Regulating Fall Armyworm Populations PDF
Miguel A. Altieri 450-456
1980 Fall Armyworm Symposium: The Whorlworm, Spodoptera Frugiperda, in Central America and Neighboring Areas PDF
Keith L. Andrews 456-467
1980 Fall Armyworm Symposium: Regional Management of the Fall Armyworm--A Realistic Approach? PDF
E. F. Knipling 468-480
The Mirid Rectal Organ: Purging the Literature PDF
A. G. Wheeler Jr. 481-485
Pseudorthocladius Macrostomus, a New Species of Chironomid (Diptera) with a Long Proboscis PDF
Annelle R. Soponis 485-490
New Records for Saileria Irrorata and Tropidosteptes Adustus (Hemiptera: Miridae) PDF
Thomas J. Henry 490-493
New Species of Ponana and Nullana (Homoptera: Cicadellidae) from Central and South America PDF
Dwight M. DeLong, Candace Martinson 493-501
Spider Mites of El Salvador, Central America (Acari: Tetranychidae) PDF
Keith L. Andrews, Sidney L. Poe 502-505
A New Species of Suricatoecus (Mallophaga: Trichodectidae) from the Western Cusimanse, Crossarchus Obscurus (Carnivora: Viverridae) PDF
K. C. Emerson, Roger D. Price 505-508
Scientific Notes: Papilio Androgeus (Cramer) (Lepidoptera: Papilionidae) in Dade County, Florida PDF
Leston, Dennis and Waddill, Van 509
Scientific Notes: Eurema Daira (Lepidoptera: Pieridae) in the Bahamas PDF
Leston, Dennis and Smith, David S. 509-510
Scientific Notes: Diapause and Nondiapause Eggs Laid Daily by Individual Gryllus Firmus Females (Orthoptera: Gryllidae) PDF
Ibrahim, Rohani and Walker, Thomas J. 510-512
Scientific Notes: Maxillae of the Mole Crickets, Scapteriscus Acletus Rehn and Hebard and S. Vicinus Scudder (Orthoptera: Gryllotalpidae): A New Means of Identification PDF
Matheny Jr., E. L. and Kepner, R. L 512-514
Scientific Notes: The Effect of Waxy Endosperm Corn on Resistance to the Maize Weevil PDF
Widstrom, N. W., McMillian, W. W. and Wiseman, B. R. 514-515
Scientific Notes: Southern Pine Beetle Outbreaks in Florida Since 1974 PDF
Chellman, C. W. and Wilkinson, R. C. 515
Book Review: Insect-Fungus Symbiosis: Nutrition, Mutualism, and Commensalism PDF
Kimbrough, James W. 516
Reprint Orders for Insect Behavioral Ecology-'79 PDF
Editors 517
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Editors 517
Index to Volume 63 PDF
Editors 518-521
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