Vol. 73, No. 1 (March 1990)

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Literature Review Articles

Front Matter PDF
Symposium: Insect Behavioral Ecology--'89: Introduction to Attack and Defense: Behavioral Ecology of Predators and their Prey: Endemics and Epidemics of Shibboleths and Other Things Causing Chaos PDF
Frank, J. H. and McCoy, E. D. 1-9
Symposium: Insect Behavioral Ecology--'89: The Predatory Behavior of Toxorhynchites Amboinensis and Tx. Brevipalpis Larvae (Diptera: Culicidae) in Response to Subsurface Prey PDF
John R. Linley 9-51
Symposium: Insect Behavioral Ecology--'89: Firefly Semiosystematics and Predation: A History PDF
James E. Lloyd 51-66
Symposium: Insect Behavioral Ecology--'89: The Evolution of Multi Anti-Predator Characteristics as Illustrated by Tiger Beetles (Coleoptera: Cicindelidae) PDF
David L. Pearson 67-70
Symposium: Insect Behavioral Ecology--'89: Antipredator Mechanisms in Arthropods: A Twenty Year Literature Survey PDF
Brian W. Witz 71-99
Symposium: Insect Behavioral Ecology--'89: Chaos and Phase-Locking in Predator-Prey Models in Relation to the Functional Response PDF
J. C. Allen 100-110
Resistance to Fall Armyworm in Converted Sorghums PDF
Moussa M. Diawara, B. R. Wiseman, D. J. Isenhour, G. R. Lovell 111-117
Seasonal Changes in Bait Preference by Red Imported Fire Ant, Solenopsis Invicta (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) PDF
Martin B. Stein, Harlan G. Thorvilson, James W. Johnson 117-123
Colored Spherical Traps for Capture of Caribbean Fruit Fly, Anastrepha Suspensa PDF
John Sivinski 123-128
Water-Absorbent Starch Polymer: Survival Aid to Nematodes for Control of Diaprepes Abbreviatus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) in Citrus PDF
Schroeder, W. J. 129-132
Estimating Total Losses From Parasitoids for a Field Population of a Continuously Breeding Insect, Cassava Mealybug, Phenacoccus Herreni, (Homoptera: Pseudococcidae) in Colombia, S.A. PDF
Van Driesche, R. G., Bellotti, A. C., Castillo, J. and Herrera, C. J. 133-143
Predation Rate of Larval Corethrella Brakeleyi (Diptera: Chaoboridae) on Mosquito Larvae PDF
McLaughlin, R. E. 143-146
Natural History of the Leafhopper Carneocephala Floridana (Homoptera: Cicadellidae) in a North Florida Salt Marsh PDF
Rossi, A. M. and Strong, Jr., D. R. 147-153
New Species and First U. S. Record of Auratonota (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) PDF
Brown, John W. 153-157
New Neotropical Species of "Stick-Tick" (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) from Katydids PDF
Wirth, Willis W. and Castner, J. L. 157-160
Hymenoptera of Bermuda PDF
Hilburn, Daniel J., Marsh, Paul M. and Schauff, Michael E. 161-176
Two New Species and a Key to the Adults of Aleochara of Florida (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae) PDF
Klimaszewski, J., Frank, J. H. and Peck, S. B. 177-185
Scientific Notes: New Records of Neuroptera, Mallophaga, and Strepsiptera from Bermuda PDF
Hilburn, Daniel J. 186-187
Scientific Notes: Ovicidal Effects of Fenoxycarb on Eggs of Fuller Rose Beetle, Pantomorus Cervinus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) PDF
Coats, Susan A. 187-189
Scientific Notes: Steinernematid Nematode Drenches for Control of Fire Ants, Solenopsis Invicta, in Florida PDF
Jouvenaz, Donald P., Lofgren, Clifford S. and Miller, Richard W. 190-193
Scientific Notes: Age of First Mating in Field Crickets, Gryllus Integer (Orthoptera: Gryllidae) PDF
Solymar, Bernt and Cade, William H. 193-195
Scientific Notes: Comparative Toxicity of Five Bacillus Thuringiensis Strains and Formulations Against Spodoptera Exigua (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) PDF
Moar, William J. and Trumble, John T. 195-197
Scientific Notes: Damage to North Carolina and Florida Highways by Red Imported Fire Ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) PDF
Banks, W. A., Adams, C. T. and Lofgren, C. S. 198-199
Book Reviews: 1988: The Mayflies of Florida PDF
Landa, Vladimir and Soldan, Tomas 200
Book Reviews: Coreidae of Florida (Hemiptera: Heteroptera). PDF
Wheeler, Jr., A. G. 201-203
In Memoriam: Martin Hammond Muma 1916-1989 PDF
Denmark, H. A. 204-205
Edited Minutes of the 72nd Annual Meeting Florida Entomological Society PDF
Editors 206-216
Sustaining Members, January, 1990 PDF
Editors 217-218
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