Vol. 74, No. 1 (March 1991)

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Literature Review Articles

Front Matter PDF
Symposium: Insect Behavioral Ecology--'90: Introduction to Attack and Defense: Behavioral Ecology of Defense: Medieval Insect Behavioral Ecology, and Chaos PDF
J. H. Frank, E. D. McCoy 1-9
Symposium: Insect Behavioral Ecology--'90: Nutritional Indices: Do They Explain Toxicity of Calliandra Amino Acids? PDF
Christopher S. Shea, John T. Romeo 10-17
Symposium: Insect Behavioral Ecology--'90: Defense of Plants Through Regulation of Insect Feeding Behavior PDF
James A. Klocke, Isao Kubo 18-23
Symposium: Insect Behavioral Ecology--'90: Simulation of Plant Resistance in a Celery-Leafminer-Parasitoid Model PDF
Carlyle C. Brewster, Jon C. Allen 24-41
Symposium: Insect Behavioral Ecology--'90: Do Parasitoids Use Herbivore-Induced Plant Chemical Defenses to Locate Hosts? PDF
Ted C. Turlings, James H. Tumlinson 42-50
Symposium: Insect Behavioral Ecology--'90: Chaos and Coevolution: Evolutionary Warfare in a Chaotic Predatory-Prey System PDF
J. C. Allen 50-59
Research Reports: Effects of Natural and Synthetic Insecticides on Sweetpotato Whitefly Bemisia Tabaci (Homoptera:Aleyrodidae) and its Hymenopterous Parasitoids PDF
James F. Price, David J. Schuster 60-68
Research Reports: Residual Activity of Methomyl and Thiodicarb Against Fall Armyworm in Sweet Corn in Southern Florida PDF
R. J. Marenco, R. E. Foster, C. A. Sanchez 69-74
Research Reports: Mate Choice in Ground Crickets (Gryllidae: Nemboiinae) PDF
T. G. Forrest, J. L. Sylvester Jr., Sam Testa III, Stephanie W. Smith, Andrea Dinep, Tanya L. Cupit, J. M. Huggins, Kathryn L. Atkins, Micky Eubanks 74-80
Research Reports: Biology of and Rates of Parasitism by Nymphal and Adult Parasites of the Salt-Marsh-Inhabiting Planthoppers Prokelisia Marginata and P. Dolus PDF
Peter Stiling, Ann Throckmorton, Jay Silvanima, Donald Strong 81-87
Research Reports: Population Increases of Planthoppers on Fertilized Salt-Marsh Cord Grass may be Prevented by Grasshopper Feeding PDF
Peter Stiling, Brent V. Brodbeck, Donald R. Strong 88-97
Research Reports: Population Fluctuations of Economic Species of Anastrepha (Diptera: Tephritidae) Related to Mango Fruiting Phenology in Costa Rica PDF
Luis Fernando Jiron, Ingemar Hedstrom 98-105
Research Reports: A New Species of Plocetes from the Florida Keys with Notes on Other Species Occurring in the United States (Coleoptera: Curculionidae; Curculioninae; Tychiini) PDF
Robert S. Anderson 105-110
Research Reports: Pseudoscorpions from Florida and the Caribbean Area. 14. New Species of Tyrannochthonius and Lagynochthonius from Caves in Jamaica, with Discussion of the Genera (Chthoniidae) PDF
William B. Muchmore 110-121
Research Reports: Notes and Corrections on Stick-Ticks, Neotropical Parasitic Midges of the Forcipomyia Subgenus Microhelea (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) PDF
Willis W. Wirth 122-128
Research Reports: Infectivity of Insect Pathogens Against Neochetina Eichhorniae, A Biological Control Agent of Waterhyacinth PDF
Kim H. Haag, Drion G. Boucias 128-133
Research Reports: An Annotated Checklist of the Coccoidea of Bermuda PDF
C. J. Hodgson, Daniel J. Hilburn 133-146
Scientific Notes: Technomyrmex Albipes, A New Exotic Ant in Florida (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) PDF
Deyrup, Mark 147-148
Scientific Notes: Sugarcane Lace Bug Leptodictya Tabida, an Insect Pest New to Florida PDF
Hall, David G. 148-149
Scientific Notes: Seasonal Incidence of Shoot Infestation by Mahogany Shoot Borer (Lepidoptera: Phycitidae) in Florida PDF
Howard, Forrest W. 150-151
Scientific Notes: Host Plants, Flight Period, and Distribution of a Precinctive Florida Moth Argyrotaenia Amatana (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) PDF
Barrows, Edward M. 152-153
Scientific Notes: Current Status of the Citrus Blackfly, Aleurocanthus Woglumi (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae), and its Parasites in South Florida PDF
Tsai, J. H. and Steinberg, B. 153-156
Scientific Notes: Inability of Three Entomogenous Nematodes to Locate and Infect Dendroctonus Frontalis (Coleoptera: Scolytidae) Larvae in Beetle Infested Loblolly Pine Bolts PDF
Kard, Bradford M. 156-158
Scientific Notes: First Record in Florida of Acanthoscelides Quadridentatus (Coleoptera: Bruchidae), a Potential Biological Control Agent of Mimosa Pigra PDF
Center, Ted D. and Kipker, Robert L. 159-162
Scientific Notes: Foliage Disorders in Florida Associated with Feeding by Sweetpotato Whitefly, Bemisia Tabaci PDF
Hoelmer, K. A., Osborne, L. S. and Yokomi, R. K. 162-166
Book Reviews: 1990. Biocontrol of Arthropods Affecting Livestock and Poultry PDF
Frank, J. H. 167-168
Book Reviews: 1990. Rainforests: A Guide to Research and Tourist Facilities at Selected Tropical Forest Sites in Central and South America PDF
Pearson, David L. 168
Book Reviews: 1990. Buggy Books: A Guide to Juvenile and Popular Books on Insects and their Relatives. PDF
Frank, Audrey and Sparks, Linda 169
Book Reviews: 1990. Classical Biological Control in the Southern United States PDF
Rosen, David 169-170
In Memoriam: Obituary James B. Kring 1921-1990 PDF
Schuster, David J.. 171-172
Photographs: 73rd Annual Meeting Florida Entomological Society Cancun, Mexico PDF
Editors 173-175
1990-1991 Florida Entomological Society Sustaining Members PDF
Editors 176-177
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