Vol. 90, No. 3 (September 2007)

Table of Contents

Literature Review Articles

Red Imported Fire Ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) Increase the Abundance of Aphids in Tomato PDF
Laura B. Coppler, John F. Murphy, Mickey D. Eubanks 419-425
Seasonal Population Dynamics of Wireworms (Coleoptera: Elateridae) in Florida Sugarcane Fields PDF
Ron Cherry 426-430
Resistance to Two Classes of Insecticides in Southern Chinch Bugs (Hemiptera: Lygaeidae) PDF
Ron Cherry, Russell Nagata 430-434
Range Expansion and Local Population Increase of the Exotic Ant, Pheidole obscurithorax, in the Southeastern United States (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) PDF
Walter R. Tschinkel, Joshua R. King 435-439
Development of Trapping Methods with a Synthetic Sex Pheromone of the Pink Hibiscus Mealybug, Maconellicoccus hirsutus, (Hemiptera: Pseudococcidae) PDF
Antonio Francis, Kenneth A. Bloem, Amy L. Roda, Stephen L. Lapointe, Aijun Zhang, Oghenekome Onokpise 440-446
Host Specificity of the Microsporidian Pathogen Vairimorpha invictae at Five Field Sites with Infected Solenopsis invicta Fire Ant Colonies in Northern Argentina PDF
Sanford D. Porter, Steven M. Valles, Timonthy S. Davis, Juan A Briano, Luis A. Calcaterra, David H. Oi, R. Austin Jenkins 447-452
Two New Species of Dryinus Latreille (Hymenoptera: Dryinidae) from China PDF
Zaifu Xu, Massimo Olmi, Junhua He 453-456
Brachymyrmex patagonicus (Hymenoptera: Formicidae), an Emerging Pest Species in the Southeastern United States PDF
Joe A. MacGown, Jovonn G. Hill, Mark A. Deyrup 457-464
Descriptions of Late Instars of Three Littoral Cafius Species (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae) by Association of Life Stage with DNA Sequences PDF
Mi-Jeong Jeon, Kee-Jeong Ahn 465-474
Molecular Diagnostics of Economically Important Clearwing Moths (Lepidoptera: Sesiidae) PDF
Jackie A. McKern, Allen L. Szalanski 475-479
Seasonal Distribution and Evaluation of Two Trap Types for Monitoring Grape Root Borer Vitacea polistiformis (Lepidoptera: Sesiidae) in Florida Vineyards PDF
Scott W. Weihman, Oscar E. Liburd 480-487
Red Oak Borer (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) Flight Trapping in the Ozark National Forest, Arkansas PDF
Melissa K. Fierke, Fred M. Stephen 488-494
Biology, Thermal Requirements, and Estimation of the Number of Generations of Zaprionus indianus (Diptera: Drosophilidae) for the Main Fig Producing Regions of Brazil PDF
Dori E. Nava, Adriana M. Nascimento, César P. Stein, Marinéia L. Haddad, José M. S. Bento, José R. P. Parra 495-501
Presentation of Artificial Diet: Effects of Composition and Size of Prey and Diet Domes on Egg Production by Orius insidiosus (Heteroptera: Anthocoridae) PDF
Stephen M. Ferkovich, Thiruvengadam Venkatesan, Jeffrey P. Shapiro, James E. Carpenter 502-508
Mating Biology of Austromusotima camptozonale (Lepidoptera: Crambidae), a Potential Biological Control Agent of Old World Climbing Fern, Lygodium microphyllum (Schizaeaceae) PDF
Anthony J. Boughton, Judy Wu, Robert W. Pemberton 509-517
A Checklist of the Aphids of Honduras (Hemiptera: Aphididae) PDF
Gregory A. Evans, Susan E. Halbert 518-523
Impact of Harmonia axyridis (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) On Native Arthropod Predators in Pecan and Crape Myrtle PDF
Russell F. Mizell III 524-536
Influence of Radiation Dose on the Level of F1 Sterility in the Cactus Moth, Cactoblastis cactorum (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) PDF
Colothdian D. Tate, James E. Carpenter, Stephanie Bloem 537-544
Host Acceptance Trials of Parasitoids from Indian Paratachardina lobata (Hemiptera: Kerriidae) on the Invasive Lobate Lac Scale in Florida PDF
Sibylle Schroer, Robert W. Pemberton 545-552
Three-Dimensional Sampling Method for Characterizing Ant Mounds PDF
James T. Vogt 553-558
Open Field Host Specificity Tests in Brazil for Risk Assessment of Metriona elatior (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae), a Potential Biological Control Agent of Solanum viarum (Solanaceae) in Florida PDF
E. Bredow, J. H. Pedrosa-Macedo, J. C. Medal, J. P. Cuda 559-564
Status of the Fire Ant Decapitating Fly Pseudacteon tricuspis (Diptera: Phoridae) in Louisiana PDF
Donald C. Henne, Seth J. Johnson, Sanford D. Porter 565-569
New Parish Records of Coptotermes formosanus (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae) in Louisiana PDF
K. S. Brown, B. P. Yokum, C. Riegel, M. K. Carroll 570-572
First Record of Acizzia jamatonica (Hemiptera: Psyllidae) in North America: Friend or Foe? PDF
Michael D. Ulyshen, Douglass R. Miller 573
Confirmation of Asian Cockroach Blatella asahinai (Blattodea: Blattelidae) Introduction to Texas Based on Genetics, Morphology, and Behavior PDF
James W. Austin, Grady J. Glenn, Allen L. Szalanski, Jackie A. McKern, Roger E. Gold 574-576
Ethanol Preservation of Fire Ants Allows Retrospective Screening for Solenopsis invicta Virus-1 PDF
Steven M. Valles 577-578
Comparison of Mexican Fruit Fly (Diptera: Tephritidae) Capture between McPhail Traps with Torula and Multilure Traps with Biolures in South Texas PDF
Hugh E. Conway, O. Thomas Forrester 579-580
First State Records for Merope tuber (Mecoptera: Meropeidae) in Florida and Biogeographical Implications PDF
James C. Dunford, Peter W. Kovarik, Louis A. Somma, David Serrano 581-584
Pioneer Lecture-- The Paramagnetic Force In Plant Growth and Insect Control PDF
Norman C. Leppla, James L. Nation, Richard S. Patterson 585-587
Evolution of the Insects PDF
J. H. Frank 588
Vector and Rodent Borne Diseases in Europe and North America: Distribution, Public Health Burden, and Control PDF
Michael H. Reiskind 589-590
List of Corporate and Sustaining Members PDF
Editors 591