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Bieman, Donald N.
Biglarian, A.
Bignayan, Helen
Bihis, Dennis, Quezon Agricultural Experiment Station, Lagalag, Tiaong, Quezon, Philippines (Philippines)
Billeisen, Terri, North Carolina State University, Department of Entomology, Raleigh, North Carolina 27695, USA (United States)
Billings, Ronald F.
Bin, Liu, Key Laboratory of Entomology and Pest Control Engineering, College of Plant Protection, Southwest University, Chongqing, China (China)
Bird, Jessica Platt
Birdsley, Jeffrey S.
Bishop, P. M.
Bishop, Sherman C.
Bishr, Mahmod
Bistline-East, Allison, Department Of Entomology, University Of California, Riverside, CA, 92521 (United States)
Bittar, Ana C.
Bjorndal, Karen A.
Black, Adam, Peckerwood Garden Conservation Foundation, Hempstead, TX 77445 (United States)
Blackburn, Carl M., Joint FAO/IAEA Division of Nuclear Techniques in Food and Agriculture, International Atomic Energy Agency, PO Box 100, 1400 Vienna, Austria (Austria)
Blackman, Bryce, United States Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service (USDA-ARS), Southern Insect Management Research Unit, Stoneville, MS 38776, USA (United States)
Blackman, Bryce, International Rice Research Institute, Los Baños, Laguna, 4030, Philippines (United States)
Blackmer, Jacquelyn
Blackwood, J. Scott
Blanchard, R. A.
Blanco, Carlos A.
Blanco, Carlos A.
Blanco Segura, Róger, Area de Conservacion Guanacaste, Apdo. 169-5000, Liberia, Guanacaste (Costa Rica)
Bland, R. G.
Blank, Richard W.
Blanton, Chantal M.
Blanton, F. S.
Blanton, Franklin S.
Blard, F.
Blatchley, W. S.
Blay, S.
Blickle, R. L.
Blocker, H. Derrick
Bloem, K. A.
Bloem, Ken
Bloem, Kenneth A.
Bloem, Kenneth A.
Bloem, S.
Bloem, Stephanie, USDA-CPHST, Plant Epidemiology and Risk Analysis Laboratory, Raleigh, NC 27606 (United States)
Bloem, Stephanie, USDA- CPHST, Plant Epidemiology and Risk Analysis Laboratory, Raleigh, NC 27606 (United States)
Bloem, Stephanie
Blomgren, J.
Bloomcamp, C. L.
Blske-Lietze, Verena-Ulrike
Blum, M. S.
Blummer, Lucimara
Bock, Clive H.
Boczek, Jan

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