Issues on the Use of Variogram-Based Feature Vectors in Content Based Image Retrieval

Zhixiao Xie, Fang Qiu


Content Based Inlage Retrieval (CBIR) intends to objectively and efficiently retrieve interested images or image segnlcnts (pixel blocks) from a large-volume image database based on the content similarity between a query icon (or sample image) and database images (or image segments). CBIR was originated from computer vision and database community (Flickner et al., 1995; Pentland et al.,1996; Smith and Chang, 1996) and has been gradually accepted by GIScientists for geographic image database applications (Ma and Manjunath, 1996; Bruns and Egenhofer, 1996; Sheikholeslamli et al.,1999; Agouris et al., 1999; Stefanidis et al., 2002; Bian, 2003; Bian and Xie, 2004).

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