‘FamO47-4’: A Potential Pierce’s Disease Tolerant Table Grape for Florida

Z. Ren, J. lu, X. Xia, F. Bradley


The production of table grapes in Florida from Euvitishas been demanded by markets, but has been limited by Pierce’s disease (PD). In the efforts to improve the table grape industry in Florida, the grape breeding program at Florida A&M University has worked out a promising breeding line, ‘FamO47-4’, with several desirable horticultural traits, resistant to PD, and better adaptations to Florida’s hot and humid growing conditions. The selection is a stenospermocary seedless grape, fruit weight 3.9 g with red color and round shape. It is self-fertile, moderate to high in vine vigor; yield has been similar to ‘Orlando Seedless’, and most importantly, it is adaptable to Florida’s PD prevailing environments. The 12-year preliminary data showed it could be a premium PD resistant seedless grape, or an important germplasm for large seedless grape breeding in the future.


seedless, fruit size, yield, disease resistance, adaptation

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Proc. Fla. State Hort. Soc.     ISSN 0886-7283