Effects of Planting Densities on the Performance of Strawberry Cultivars under High Tunnels

Bielinski Santos


A study was conducted to assess the effect of planting densities on commonly-grown strawberry cultivars inside high tunnels. The study was conducted inside 16-ft high × 26-ft wide high tunnels covered with clear, double-layered polyethylene mulch (30% light reduction). Bare-root strawberry transplants were planted in early October. The transplants were set in double rows separated from each other by 12 inches. Two planting densities (17,400 and 21,780 plants/acre) and three cultivars (‘Strawberry Festival’, ‘Florida Radiance’, and ‘Winterstar’) were tested. The interaction between the two factors did not influence early and total marketable fruit weights. However, cultivars had an effect on early and total marketable fruit weights. The highest early marketable fruit weight was observed in plots planted with ‘Winterstar’, whereas ‘Florida Radiance’ had the largest total marketable fruit weight among all cultivars. There was no effect of planting density on either fruit weight variable, demonstrating that increasing densities from 17,400 to 21,780 plants/acre failed to improve early and total yields, regardless of cultivars.


Fragaria ×ananassa, cultural practices, protected culture, freeze protection, varieties

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Proc. Fla. State Hort. Soc.     ISSN 0886-7283

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