Developing a Continuing Education Program for Limited Certification for Urban Landscape Commercial Fertilizer Applicators

Susan Haddock


Florida statutes 482.1562 and 403.9338 require that all commercial fertilizer applicators obtain a limited certification for urban landscape commercial fertilizer certification from the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services by 1 Jan. 2014. The certification is renewed every 4 years by completing 4 h of continuing education units (CEUs) at least 90 d prior to certification expiration. The recertification program developed several avenues for applicators. A series of articles, each with a question set, educates applicators on non-point source pollution and urban storm water run-off, managing urban storm water runoff, and fertilizer regulations. Annually, additional articles on green industries best management practices will be added to the CEU resource bank. A series of videos, each with a question set, educates applicators on the green industries best management practices, nonpoint source pollution, watering wisely, fertilizer facts, and spreader calibration. The articles and videos are available online and in-office. A successful score on question sets earns the applicator CEUs toward certification renewal. The videos are also designed to be used as an introduction to in-the-field and hands-on training that earns the applicator CEUs toward certification renewal. The articles and videos are applicable statewide for certification renewal. Since fertilizer ordinances apply to everyone, this educational program can be used for residential and Master Gardener horticulture training as well.


continuing education, urban landscaping, fertilizer application, certification, training materials

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Proc. Fla. State Hort. Soc.     ISSN 0886-7283