A Comparison of Suspected “Maggie” Roses Utilizing Randomly Amplified Polymorphic (RAPD) DNA Analysis

Ashley Wilson, Nancy Morvillo


Previous analysis using RAPD PCR has been helpful in determining the genetic relationships of different varieties of roses and elucidating the parentage of hybrids. We utilized the same approach to answer questions regarding the identity of several varieties of roses thought to be similar or identical to each other: “Maggie,” “Kakinada Red,” “Pacific,” and ‘Eugenie E. Marlitt’. These roses grow well in many different regions. “Maggie” is a fragrant burgundy-red rose found by William Welch in Louisiana in 1980. “Kakinada Red” is found in India, while “Pacific” comes from Bermuda. It has been hypothesized that these roses may actually be Rudolf Geschwind’s hybrid ‘Eugenie E. Marlitt’. While these varieties appear to be similar, historical accounts cannot confirm if they are the same rose. We used RAPD PCR to investigate their identities. Based on this analysis, at least some of these varieties appear to be identical.


roses, “Kakinada Red,” “Pacific,” ‘Eugenie E. Marlitt’

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Proc. Fla. State Hort. Soc.     ISSN 0886-7283

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