Characterization and Management of Lenticel Disorders during Storage of Table Stock Potatoes (Solanum tuberosumL.)

M M Makani, S A Sargent, D J Huber, J A Bartz


Effect of storage conditions on the development of lenticel disorders was evaluated for two potato cultivars. Tubers were harvested at maturity, 3 weeks after vine kill. Tubers were stored for 12 days at 10 °C or 20 °C, and low (65%) or high (95%) relative humidity (RH). The highest incidence of the enlarged lenticel disorder was observed in tubers from both cultivars stored under high RH. Enlarged lenticels on ‘Red LaSoda’ stretched diagonally into oval shapes, while those on ‘Fabula’ remained round. The halo disorder occurred at 20 °C/low RH in both cultivars, with halos appearing as dark areas surrounding the lenticel aperture. The critical time for the development of the enlarged lenticel disorder was 3 days into storage. Characterization of lenticel suberization indicated that increased suberin deposition may be a response to stress such as lenticel enlargement.


enlarged lenticels, raised lenticels, suberization, fresh potatoes, halo disorder, vine kill

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Proc. Fla. State Hort. Soc.     ISSN 0886-7283