Alternative degreening of 'Fallglo' tangerines

Huating Dou, Shelley Johns, Jonq_Ying Lee, Mark A. Ritenour


Influence of degreening temperature, duration, and humidity were evaluated to optimize degreening regimens for 'Fallglo' tangerines. In most studies, fruit decay incidence was significantly reduced if fruit were degreened between 18 and 21 C in comparison to the current commercial degreening temperature of 29 C, both with 92% to 96% RH for the same length of time. Peel color development was slightly delayed in only one case when fruit were degreened at 18 C. The degreening temperatures did not consistently influence pitting and chilling injury. Degreening for 6 hours resulted in better fruit color development in comparison to degreening for 18 hours. Overall, 'Fallglo' tangerines responded best to lower temperature degreening for maintaining all postharvest quality parameters. Commercially tangerines should be degreened at 21 C for less than 12 hours at 92% to 96% RH.


peel disorder; fruit color; citrus postharvest

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Proc. Fla. State Hort. Soc.     ISSN 0886-7283