Effect of all purpose colloidal cleaner® on insect control and growth of containerized red sugar apple in a shade house and on growth, yield, and fruit rots of green sugar apple and 'gefner' atemoya under field conditions

Mark P. Kohout, Jonathan H. Crane, Aaron J. Palmateer


The effect of colloidal cleaner on growth and insect control of containerized one year old red sugar apple trees (Annona spp.) was investigated under shade-house conditions. The effect of colloidal cleaner on growth, yield, and fruit rots of green sugar apple (Annona squamosa) and 'Gefner' atemoya (A. squamosa × A. cherimola) trees was also investigated under field conditions at the Tropical Research and Education Center. Containerized sugar apple trees were sprayed 15 times with water or colloidal cleaner at 7-day intervals. Number of new leaves, tree trunk diameters, and height were recorded. Several scale insects and mealybugs were identified as attacking the containerized plants at initiation of the experiment. There were no significant growth differences among treatments of containerized trees and insect infestations were only temporarily controlled. Green sugar apple and 'Gefner' atemoya trees in the field were sprayed with water, colloidal cleaner or non-sprayed 3 times at a 7-day interval and 8 times at a 14-day interval. There were no significant differences among treatments for trunk diameter and shoot growth of sugar apple or 'Gefner' atemoya trees. In general, non-sprayed sugar apple and 'Gefner' atemoya trees had significantly more fruit than colloidal cleaner sprayed trees. Fruit rots were significantly more prevalent for colloidal cleaner sprayed trees compared to non-sprayed trees.


annona squamosa; a. squamosa × a. cherimola; bio-control; colloidal cleaner

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Proc. Fla. State Hort. Soc.     ISSN 0886-7283