Computer generated signs for demonstration gardens

David B. Shibles, Anne Yasalonis


A common problem associated with small demonstration gardens, as well as large botanical gardens, is the lack of clear and easy to read plant labels. Even if the plants are labeled with a name, there often is little to no specific information about the plant, such as its origin, mature size, light requirements, pH preference, and other notable points of interest. Polk County Cooperative Extension Service has implemented and maintained an inexpensive and educational plant labeling system for its demonstration gardens. The Polk County Demonstration Garden was developed in 2003 under the auspices of the Florida Yards and Neighborhoods Program and the Master Gardeners of Polk County. Ladder posts, display cards, and laser labels were purchased from garden supply vendors. The desired plant information was printed onto the laser labels with a standard computer and laser printer and applied to the display cards. The ladder posts, with the display cards, were then inserted into the ground in front of selected plants. The laser labels were large enough to accommodate several lines of information about the plants and could easily be read by a visitor standing a short distance away. The ladder posts, display cards and labels have proven to be durable and even washable. If one is lost or stolen, it can be quickly and inexpensively reproduced and replaced.


signage; gardens; labels

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Proc. Fla. State Hort. Soc.     ISSN 0886-7283