1-methylcyclopropene delays ripening of the perishable 'donnie' avocado

Jonathan Arias, Jonathan Crane, Mark Kohout, Donald Huber, Steven Sargent


West Indian (WI) avocados generally have a short storage and shelf life, reducing their marketing window. The effect of 1-MCP (1-methylcyclopropene) on fruit firmness, color, and postharvest storage life was investigated using 'Donnie' avocado, a large, WI avocado with a short postharvest shelf life. Fruit were harvested from a commercial orchard in Homestead, Fla. and treated with air or 1 ppm 1-MCP in sealed containers at 7 ordm;C (45 ordm;F) for 24 hours. After treatment, fruit were packed in commercial flats and stored for 7 days at 7 ordm;C (45 ordm;F) and 14 days at 13 ordm;C (55 ordm;F) and then exposed to ambient temperatures for an additional 5 days. During storage, fruit were rated for firmness and color on days 5, 12, 19, and 21; after storage and exposure to ambient temperatures fruit were rated for firmness and color on days 2 and 5. Fruit treated with 1-MCP were significantly firmer and greener after 5 days of storage than non-treated fruit. 1-MCP treated fruit were firmer and greener after storage compared to non-treated fruit. The data show that 1-MCP has potential to extend the useful storage life of 'Donnie' avocado fruit.


persea americana; 1-mcp; postharvest; aguacate

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Proc. Fla. State Hort. Soc.     ISSN 0886-7283