Freshseal(r) CHC reduces shrivel and decay of pepper (Capsicum annum )

Mark A. Ritenour, Mark P. Kohout, Paul Johnson, Huating Dou


BASF FreshSeal® CHC is a naturally occurring, polymer-based postharvest coating that has been commercially applied to horticultural crops including tomatoes and peppers. Experiments were conducted to evaluate the effects of FreshSeal® CHC application on postharvest quality retention of fresh bell peppers (Capsicum annum) in Florida. Packed cartons (each containing approximately 80 'medium' green bell peppers grown in the West Palm Beach / Wellington area) were obtained on 1 March 2006 from a commercial packinghouse. Within 24 hours of harvest, the cartons were randomized and the peppers treated with FreshSeal® CHC (0.5% a.i.) or water (control), by hand sprayer, or by running over a small packingline brush bed. Hand applications completely covered the pepper surface, whereas the brush application covered approximately 70% of the pepper surface. The peppers were then stored for 5 days at 45F before transferring to room temperature (~76F). Fruit were weighed, inspected for visible mechanical injury, and evaluated for shrivel and decay after 1 and 3 days at room temperature. The experiment was a factorial design with two factors (treatment and application method) and five replicates (cartons). Peppers treated with FreshSeal had about 38% less shrivel than the control on day 7, and about 21% less shrivel and 52% less cumulative decay than the control at the end of the experiment. Pepper water loss was not significantly different between treatments or application methods. While brush application in general significantly increased cumulative decay, there were no significant differences in shrivel between hand and brush applications. 2


Capsicum annum; weight loss; hand vs. brush application; postharvest quality

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Proc. Fla. State Hort. Soc.     ISSN 0886-7283