Effects of gibberellic acid on ripening and rind puffing in 'Sunburst' mandarin

L. Pozo, W. J. Kender, J. K. Burns, U. Hartmond, A. Grant


Foliar sprays of gibberellic acid (GA[sub3]) were used to control puffing of 'Sunburst' mandarin and to delay the harvest season under central Florida conditions. The application of 25 mg·L[sup-] GA[sub3] to trees of 'Sunburst' mandarin prior to color break, 6-8 weeks before the normal harvest season, delayed color change in the flavedo and prevented peel puffing. Peel thickness and weight were reduced and fruit firmness was higher in GA[sub3]- treated fruits. The treatment also retarded the loss of juice in mature fruits. Based on these results, the harvest season could be extended from November-December into early January. GA[sub3] application reduced the frequency of both plugging and small fissures around the calyx. No significant effects on internal quality were found as a result of the GA[sub3] application.


ga[sub3]; puffing; harvest

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Proc. Fla. State Hort. Soc.     ISSN 0886-7283

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