Citrus fruit quality and yield of six valencia clones on 16 rootstocks in the Immokalee foundation grove

Robert E. Rouse


Five-year mean juice quality and yields from 'Valencia' sweet orange [C. sinensis (L) Osbeck] for two nucellar, two old-line, and two Rohde Red clones are reported. Data is reported for each clone on 16 different rootstocks. Yield was recorded for the 5 years from tree ages four through eight. Rootstocks included commercially used citranges, citrumelos, mandarins, lemon, sour orange types, sweet orange, grapefruit, and trifoliate orange. Trees were planted 15 × 22 feet on two-row beds typical of flatwoods groves. Juice was removed from fruit using an industry standard FMC juice extractor. Rohde Red clone 472-11-43 had higher juice color and lower acid than other clones. Rohde Red clone 472-3-26 was found inferior to clone 472-11-43 and has been removed from the budwood program. Pound solids per box were different overall among old-line and nucellar clones, and rootstocks affected all juice quality factors except juice color score. Highest yields were found with rootstocks F80-8 citrumelo and Benton citrange. Pound solids per box multiplied by cumulative yield per tree was highest for Rohde Red clone 472-11-43.


citrus sinensis; rohde red

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Proc. Fla. State Hort. Soc.     ISSN 0886-7283