Appropriate uses of soil fertility testing and the UF-IFAS standardized fertilization recommendation system: a position paper from the UF-IFAS plant nutrient oversight committee

George J. Hochmuth, Edward A. Hanlon, G. Kidder


The UF-IFAS Standardized Fertilization Recommendation System (SFRS) is the resource of fertilization recommendations for commercial crops and homeowner situations. It was developed to advise individuals on liming and fertilization practices. Working Groups appointed by the Chair (UFIFAS Dean For Extension) of the UF-IFAS Plant Nutrient Oversight Committee review fertilization research and prepare papers summarizing the research and indicating areas of need for more research. Modifications in the UF-IFAS fertilization recommendations are recommended to the Committee. The UF-IFAS SFRS has not been proposed or calibrated for use to determine fertilizer management for environmental regulatory purposes. This paper summarizes the history of the UF-IFAS SFRS, describes the process in use for developing and instituting fertilization recommendations, and documents the UFIFAS position on the appropriate use of soil testing.


nutrient management; water quality; environmental regulations; fertilization recommendations; soil testing

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Proc. Fla. State Hort. Soc.     ISSN 0886-7283