Development of three sac spiders occurring on lime orchards at Homestead, Florida

Divina M. Amalin, Jorge Pena, Robert Mcsorley


The development of three species of sac spiders known to prey on citrus leafminer was studied under laboratory condition. Females and Males Chiracanthium inclusum had mean life spans of 215 ± 6 and 177 ± 6 days, respectively. The mean life span of females and males of Hibana velox was 311± 4 and 240 ± 9, respectively. Trachelas volutus females and males had mean life spans of 253 ± 8 and 212 ± 19, respectively. Females of all species that matured and were fertilized in captivity produced 1-3 egg masses. Oviposition took place 2- 7 days after mating for all species. Chiracanthium inclusum had an average of 57 ± 10 eggs per egg mass, whereas H. velox and T. volutes had averages of 110 ± 5 and 56 ± 4 eggs per egg mass, respectively.


chiracanthium inclusum; hibana velox; trachelas volutus; citrus leafminer; phyllocnistis citrella; life cycle; predatory spiders

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Proc. Fla. State Hort. Soc.     ISSN 0886-7283