Interpretive educational signs for stormwater ponds

Pam Brown, Vernon Bryant, Dale Armstrong, Christine Claus, Andy Wilson, Jeanne Murphy, Terry Murphy, Lou Claudio


A need existed for a way to provide educational information to a large number of citizens about the importance and function of stormwater ponds. Interpretive educational signs were created and installed around two stormwater ponds on the Pinellas County Extension/Florida Botanical Gardens campus to educate visitors and volunteers about the functions of a stormwater pond system and its value to water quality and as a habitat for wildlife. These signs address where the water comes from, the structures found in a stormwater pond along with their function, how stormwater ponds help to mitigate the pollution that enters the pond, native plants suitable for landscaping ponds and the role they play, wildlife around the pond, and habitat creation along with a sign that addresses what each person can do to reduce or eliminate pollution in stormwater run-off from his or her individual landscape. Publications pertaining to stormwater ponds are available in the kiosk at the pond. This project fills the role of providing education regarding the purpose and function of stormwater ponds to the thousands of visitors each year to the Pinellas County Extension Service and the Florida Botanical Gardens.


habitat creation; recreation; water quality

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Proc. Fla. State Hort. Soc.     ISSN 0886-7283