2014 Extension luncheon speaker: Current and future goals of statewide water conservation/quality and best management practice extension programs

Kelly Morgan


I was asked to talk today about the goals of some of our Extension programs; namely our Water Conservation/Quality programs as well as BMPs (best management practices). I’ve been active in those for quite some time. Is Brian Bowman here? I thought I saw him earlier; maybe he’s not at this lunch. Just as an introduction to the BMPs, I’ve worked with him on the side for a number of years on the BMP program. He was instrumental in starting that program in IFAS, at least getting it into the field with the BMP implementation team. We’ve been asked to go in a different direction within the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS) with regard to BMPs and that’s when I came along. I got asked to take over that responsibility so I’ll get into that as we get into this talk but this is a different talk than I’m used to giving. Usually I’m giving technical talks about different
things but we’ll talk about these subjects as we go through.

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