Evaluation of 'Oro' and trompo' canistel (Pouteria campechiana Baehni) at the University of Florida tropical research and education center, Homestead

Jonathan H. Crane, Carlos F. Balerdi, Cael W. Campbell, Ruben Regalado


Fruit of two canistel selections SES#9680 and SES#9681 described in this paper as 'Oro' and Trompo', respectively, were evaluated at the Tropical Research and Edu cation Center. Sixteen to 27 fruit were harvested from grafted trees on 8 Feb. 2001 and allowed to slowly ripen at room tem perature (24-29°C). Fruit of 'Oro' and Trompo' were conicalshaped and had a deep yellow flesh and peel color. After they were harvested, Oro' fruit took 5 to 6 days and Trompo' took 4 to 18 days to ripen. The mean fruit weight for 'Oro' was 385.2g at harvest and 350.3 g at ripening, an average of 9% moisture loss. Mean fruit length was 107.2 mm, diameter was 93.6 mm, and peel weight was of 58 g, with 75.6% edible flesh, and total soluble solids content was 23.8°Brix. Oro' had an average of
2.1 seeds per fruit. In contrast, Trompo' had a mean fruit weight of 292.0 g at harvest and 255.6 g at ripening; an average of 12.6% moisture loss. Mean fruit length was 99.7 mm, diameter was 82.7 mm, and peel weight was 36.6 g, with 74.5% edible flesh, and soluble solids content of 25.3°Brix. Trompo' had an average of 2.5 seeds per fruit. The ripened flesh of both selections was slightly moist, very sweet, and had good flavor.

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Proc. Fla. State Hort. Soc.     ISSN 0886-7283