Florida-friendly landscape tips: an interactive touch-screen information kiosk

Dale W. Armstrong, Vernon Bryant, Christine Claus, Opal Schallmo, Joan Bradshaw


The 'Florida Yards & Neighborhoods' Information Kiosk' was developed as an outreach tool to provide 'Florida- Friendly Landscape Tips' through an interactive program running on a computer with a touch-screen monitor. The system was located at The Home Depot Garden Center, Pinellas Park, Florida from January 2000 to 10 April 2001, as a pilot project to determine whether the public will use this system to obtain landscape design and maintenance information. The number of users recorded at the kiosk averaged 204 per month during the 15 months it was at The Home Depot. On 10 April 2001, the kiosk was relocated to the Florida Botanical Gardens operated by Pinellas County Extension. Venues other than garden centers envisioned as appropriate for the kiosk include horticultural/environmental exhibitions and festivals, shopping malls, lobbies of University of Florida/IFAS Extension Offices, and other organizations involved with environmental education. Three counties and one city have plans to purchase and implement a kiosk. Several other organizations have indicated interest.

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Proc. Fla. State Hort. Soc.     ISSN 0886-7283