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Ali, A. D., The Davey Institute (United States)
Ali, A. D.
Alifieri, Jr., S. A.
Allen, A. W.
Allen, George E.
Allen, J. J.
Allen, J. C.
Allen, Jon C.
Allen, Judith J.
Allen, L. H.
Allen, Leon Hartwell, USDA–ARS, Center for Medical, Agricultural, and Veterinary Entomology, Chemistry Research Unit
Allen, Leon Hartwell, USDA-ARS (United States)
Allen, R A, Department of Food Science & Human Nutrition, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL 32611-0370 (United States)
Allen, R. J.
Allen, Ruth Stuart
Allen, W. E.
Allen, Jr., L. H.
Alleyne, John C., University of Florida
Alligood, M. R.
Alligood, Michael, UF/IFAS (United States)
Alligood, Michael R.
Allison, R. V.
Almeyda, N.
Almira, F. C.
Almira, F.

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