Butterfly Collecting in the Former Soviet Union.

A. Sourakov


A brief account is given of collecting in the Southern Palearctic region of the former Soviet Union, bordering the Asian tropics. The possibility of doing field work there has just opened again for the first time since the Russian Revolution of 1917 and while conditions are often chaotic, the collecting of Lepidoptera can be excellent.


Achillides; Afghanistan; Altay; Amuriana; Apatura; Armenia; Asia; Azerbaijan; butterflies; Coleoptera; Colias; Erebia; Euchloe; expeditions; Far East; Hypermestra; Iran; Kazakhstan; Kirgizstan; Limenitis; Lycaenidae; Manchuria; Mongolia; Neptis; Ninguta; Nymphalidae; Oeneis; Papilio; Papilionidae; Parnassius; Pieridae; Pieris; Plebejus; Russia; Satyrinae; Scolitantides; Soviet Union; Tajikistan; Tenebrionidae; Thecla; Turkmenistan; Ukraine; Zegris


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