Episimus Moths of North America Lepidoptera: Tortricidae.

J. B. Heppner


The genus Episimus is revised for North America with 9 known species, 3 of which are described as new from Florida: Episimus lagunculariae, n. sp.; Episimus kimballi, n. sp.; and Episimus burserae, n. sp. All Nearctic and subtropical Episimus species occur in Florida. Other than for 3 species widespread in eastern North America, most of the North American Episimus are restricted to southern Florida, with 3 species known to also occur in the West Indies. Episimus guiana (Busck), Episimus nesiotes Walsingham, and Episimus transferranus (Walker) are newly recorded for Florida and the United States.


Aceraceae; Amazonas; Anacardiaceae; Aquifoliaceae; Bahamas; Belize; Betulaceae; Brazil; Burseraceae; biology; Caprifoliaceae; Combretaceae; Compositae; Cuba; Diptera; Enarmonia; Endopiza; Episimus burserae n. sp.; Episimus kimballi n. sp.; Episimus lagunculariae n. sp.; Ericaceae; Eucoenogenes; Euphorbiaceae; Guyana; Hamamelidaceae; Hawaii; hostplants; Hymenoptera; immatures; Jamaica; Magnoliaceae;Mesoamerica; Mexico; Myricaceae; Myrsinaceae; Nearctic; Neotropical; Nyssaceae; Olethreutinae; Olethreutini; pheromones; Rosaceae; St. Croix; St. Vincent; South America; taxonomy; Theaceae; Ulmaceae; USA; Venezuela; Virgin Islands; West Indies

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