A Population of the Hungarian Zephyr Blue, Plebejus sephirus kovacsi (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae).

A. M. Vojnits, E. Ács.


This study of one of the largest populations in Hungary of the protected Hungarian Zephyr Blue (Plebejus sephirus kovacsi Szabo, 1954), listed in the "Red Book" includes estimations of foodplant, larval numbers and life-history, chrysalis, individual numbers and activity of images, and nectar sources.


Apocynaceae; behavior; biology; bionomics; Caryophyllaceae; Cistaceae; Compositae; conservation biology; Cruciferae; Cyperaceae; endangered species; Ephedraceae; Euphorbiaceae; Europe; Gramineae; hostplants; Hungary; immatures; Iridaceae; Labiatae; larvae; Leguminosae; Liliaceae; nectaring; Orchidaceae; Palearctic; Plebejus; population dynamics; pupa; Rosaceae; Scrophulariaceae.

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