Conquering Soldiers: the Successful Invasion of Florida by Danaus eresimus (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae).

J. V. Calhoun


Danaus eresimus (Cramer) (Nymphalidae) was believed to be a very rare stray into Florida until the early 1970's when the first suspected populations were documented. Currently, this species is firmly established and locally common in southern Florida. In 1994, this species was found at a number of sites in central Florida. Results are presented that document the biology, ecology, behavior and distribution of D. eresimus in Florida. Brief descriptions of the early stages are given. Taxonomic issues and the factors influencing the dynamics of this species in Florida are also discussed.


Agraulis; Anacardiaceae; Anartia; Arizona; Asbolis; Asclepiadaceae; Asteraceae; Bahamas; behavior; Boraginaceae; Calpodes; Compositae; Danainae; distribution; early stages; ecology; Electrostrymon; habitat; Heliconius; Hispaniola; hostplants; immigration; Labiatae; Lamiaceae; Lycaenidae; Malvaceae; Mexico; mimicry; Ministrymon; parasites; Pieridae; phenology; Phocides; Phoebis; Siproeta; Strymon; taxonomy; USA; Verbenaceae; West Indies

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