Notes on the Ecology of Phyciodes batesii batesii (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae).

P. M. Catling


A scrubby limestone ridge habitat of Phyciodes batesii batesii (Reakirt) in eastern Ontario is described. At this location, eggs and larvae of P. b. batesii were found on Aster ciliolatus and A. cordifolius (Compositae), and were reared to adults on these foodplants. Larvae can be readily located by searching for plants with pale brownish, curled and ventrally rolled leaves. Larval development requires 30-40 days, while the pupae emerge after 5-7 days, but some larvae stop feeding when 7-10mm long.


Anacardiaceae; behavior; Betulaceae; Compositae; Cupressaceae; Canada; eggs; Georgia; Gramineae; habitat; hostplants; Labiatae; larvae; larval behavior; Nearctic; New York; North America; Ontario; oviposition; Pinaceae; pupae; Quebec; Rosaceae; Rutaceae; Salicaceae; USA

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