Updated List of the Butterflies and Skippers of Florida (Lepidoptera: Papilionoidea and Hesperioidea).

J. V. Calhoun


An updated list of the butterflies and skippers of Florida is presented which treats 193 species (211 species and subspecies). English common names are provided. Type localities are given for species and subspecies described from Florida material. Also included are synonymous and infrasubspecific taxa that possess Florida type localities. The status (resident, naturalized resident, immigrant, accidental introduction, stray, or status unknown) and general geographic range (west, north, central, and south) of each species and subspecies in Florida are indicated. Endemic, as well as rare and imperiled taxa are recognized. Erroneous records are noted in an Appendix.


Caribbean; classification; Florida Keys; Hesperiidae; history; Lycaenidae; Nearctic; nomenclature; North America; Nymphalidae; Papilionidae; Pieridae; Riodinidae; taxonomy; USA; West Indies.

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