Immature Stages of the Mediterranean Knapweed Borer, Pterolonche inspersa (Lepidoptera: Pterolonchidae).

J. B. Heppner


Immature stages of the knapweed root borer, Pterolonche inspersa (Pterolonchidae), from the Mediterranean region, are described for the first time in detail.


Africa; Agonoxenidae; Albania; Anathyrsa; Asia; Austria; biological control; Bosnia; Bulgaria; chaetotaxy; Compositae; Copromorphoidea; Cosmopterigidae; Cossidae; Croatia; Crossotocera; egg; Elachistidae; Europe; France; Gelechiidae; Gelechioidea; Greece; Hungary; Italy; larvae; Macedonia; Mediterranean; Moldova; Morocco; Nearctic; North America; Oecophoridae; Palearctic; pupae; Pyraloidea; Romania; Russia; Serbia; Slovenia; South Africa; Spain; Tunisia; Ukraine; Yponomeutoidea; Yugoslavia

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