A Butterfly Expedition to Armenia.

T. C. Emmel, A. Sourakov, A. Dantchenko


The results of a June-July 1996 expedition to central Armenia are described. Immature stages of Limenitis reducta (Nymphalidae), Tomares romanovi (Lycaenidae) and Libythea celtis (Libytheidae) are illustrated, and a new food plant record is provided for Thaleropis jonia (Nymphalidae). A list of butterfly species (except skippers) found at Khosrov Nature Reserve is given.


Apaturinae; Ascalaphidae; Azerbaijan; biodiversity; biogeography; Buprestidae; Caprifoliaceae; Caucasus; Central Asia; Cerambycidae; Coleoptera; Georgia; Hesperiidae; Leguminosae; Libytheidae; life history; Lycaenidae; Myrmeleontidae; Nemopteridae; Neuroptera; Noctuidae; Nymphalidae; Palearctic; Papilionidae; Pieridae; Russsia; Satyrinae; Soviet Union; Turkey; Ulmaceae; Umbelliferae

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