Antennal Positions in Resting Pyralid Moths (Lepidoptera: Pyraloidea).

F. Fernández-Y., J. Clavijo-A., J. B. Heppner


Adult Pyralidae are found to have distinctive resting postures in regard to antennal position; typically, the antennae in various subfamilies are held in varying forms of a parallel position to the thorax and abdomen. Antennal resting position in this family is diagnostic in quickly identifying moths as members of the family.


Atasthalistis; Arichanna; behavior; Chrysauginae; Crambidae; Crambinae; Dichomeris; Epipaschiinae; Ethmiinae; Galleriinae; Gelechiidae; Geometridae; Midilinae; Neotropical; Noctuidae; Nymphulinae; Odontiinae; Oecophoridae; Ostrinia; Phycitinae; Plutellidae; Pyralidae; Pyralinae; Pyraustinae; Salebriaria; Schoenobiinae; South America; Stenomatinae; Taiwan; taxonomy; Tineidae; Venezuela

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