Gold Moths of the Southwestern United States and Northern Mexico (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae).

J. B. Heppner


Species of the noctuid moths in the genus Neumogenia, subfamily Amphipyrinae (tribe Amphipyrini), from the southwestern United States and adjacent areas of northern Mexico, have large patches of brilliant iridescent gold or gold-green on their forewings. Some species of these "gold" moths, as well as those in a similar genus. Chalcopasta (tribe Stiriini), are discussed and illustrated.


Amphipyrinae; Amphipyrini; Basilodes; California; Chalcopasta; Chihuahua; Guerrero; Nearctic; Neumoegenia; New Mexico; North America; Plusiinae; Puebla; Sonora; Stiriini; systematics; Tabasco; Texas

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