Western Hemisphere Clearwing Moths of the Tribe Osminiini (Lepidoptera: Sesiidae: Sesiinae).

T. D. Eichlin


The revised clearwing moth tribe Osminiini includes three genera in the Western Hemisphere: the monobasic genera Calasesia and Callithia (status revised - moved from Melittiini), and Osminia, which contains 11 species, four described herein (O. albipilosa n. sp., O. exigua n. sp., O. heitzmani n. sp., O. rubrialvus n. sp.) which were previously unknown. Keys to the genera and species are given, illustrations are provided for most adults, salient characters are figured, and species diagnoses and full descriptions of new species are provided.


Akaisphecia; Arizona; Aschistophleps; Asia Minor; Baja California; Calasesia; Callithia; Chiapas; Chihuahua; Colima; Colombia; Colorado; Cundinamarca; Ethiopian. Fabaceae; Florida; Georgia; Guerrero; Heterosphecia; Hidalgo; Holarctic; hostplants; Jalisco; Kansas; Leguminosae; Melanosphecia; Melittia; Melittiini; Mexico; Missouri; Nearctic; Neotropical; New Mexico; New World; Oaxaca; Old World; Oriental; Osminia; Osminia albipilosa n. sp.; Osminia exigua n. sp.; Osminia heitzmani n. sp.; Osminia rubrialvus n. sp.; Palearctic; Puebla; San Luis Potosi; Sesiini; Sonora; Texas; USA; Veracruz; Virginia; Zacatecas.


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