Hawk Moths and W. H. Edwards: Illustrations of North American Lepidoptera, Sphingidae.

J. B. Heppner


The rare 1903 publication, Illustrations of North American Lepidoptera, Sphingidae, authored by J. W. Weidemeyer, S. H. Calverley, and the well-known American butterfly expert, W. H. Edwards, is discussed and its historical development noted. Only 14 copies were published in 1903, under the guidance of H. Skinner, although the 27 plates were actually printed from 1860 to 1866 (or to 1869). An appendix lists the current ownership of known copies.


bibliography; biography; Canary Islands; Caribbean; Catocala; Cuba; Deilephila; Erinnyis; history; Hyles; Limenitis; Nearctic; Neotropical; New World; Noctuidae; North America; Nymphalidae; Papilio; Papilionidae; Rhopalocera; South America; USA; West Indies

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