A New Species of Zinaspa from China (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae: Theclinae).

Y. F. Hsu, K. Johnson


Zinaspa, a small genus of Arhopalini, is reported from southern China for the first time. A new species, Z. youngi n. sp., is described with brief notes on its host association and myrmecophilism.


ants; Arhopala; Arhopalini; Asia; Assam; biology; egg; Formicidae; Guangdong; hostplants; Hymenoptera; immatures; India; larva; Leguminosae; Malaysia; Myanmar; myrmecophily; Nepal; Oriental; Palearctic; pupa; Sikkim; Sri Lanka; Surendra; taxonomy; Thaduka; Zinaspa youngi n.sp.

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