A New Blastobasis Associated with Acorns and Pecans in the Southeastern and Southcentral United States (Lepidoptera: Coleophoridae: Blastobasinae).

D. Adamski


Blastobasis taurusella n. sp. is described from southeastern and southwestern United States and is associated with feeding in pecans of Carya illnoinensis (Wangenheim) (Juglandaceae) and acorns of Quercus alba Linnaeus (Fagaceae). A photograph of the imago, illustrations of wing venation, and male and female genitalia are provided. A mediolongitudinal process on the male seventh sternum, not known previously in Coleophoridae, is described.


Blastobasidae; Blastobasini; Blastobasis taurusella n. sp.; Fagaceae; hostplants; Juglandaceae; Nearctic; North America; oaks; pecans; taxonomy; USA

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