Notes on the Plaster Bagworm, Phereoeca uterella, in Florida (Lepidoptera: Tineidae).

J. B. Heppner


Some biological notes are given on the plaster bagworm, Phereoeca uterella (Walsinghmam) (formerly known as Tineola walsinghami Busck and Phereoeca dubitatrix Meyrick), from Florida. Larvae mainly are detritus feeders, making distinctive larval cases that are often found attached to house walls.


Africa; Australia; biology; Brazil; California; Canary Islands; Caribbean; Congo; India; Malaysia; Neotropical; North America; Panama; Phereoeca; Praeacedes; St. Thomas; South America; Sri Lanka; Tinea; Tineola; Uganda; USA; Virgin Islands; West Indies

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