Vol. E88-B, No. 2 February 2005

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Fumiyuki ADACHI 425-426


Comments on YEH-SHEN-HWANG's One-Time Password Authentication Scheme PDF
Il-Sun YOU, Kyungsan CHO 751-753
Bandpass Sampling Algorithm with Normal and Inverse Placements for Multiple RF Signals PDF
Miheung CHOE, Kiseon KIM 754-757
Low-Complexity Estimation Method of Cyclic-Prefix Length for DMT VDSL System PDF
Hui-Chul WON, Gi-Hong IM 758-761
Performance Evaluation of OXC Architectures Equipped with Limited-Range Wavelength Converters PDF
Vincenzo ERAMO, Marco LISTANTI, Federico GASPERINI 762-765
An Adaptive Routing Method for VoIP Gateways Based on Packet Delay Information PDF
Minho JO, HyoungDo KIM, Hyogon KIM 766-769
Prioritized Call Admission Design for Providing Video Telephone Services in WCDMA Networks PDF
Hyong Rock PARK, Dongwoo KIM, Een-Kee HONG 770-774
New Algorithm for the Generalized Max-Min Fairness Policy Based on Linear Programming PDF
Ioannis D. MOSCHOLIOS, Michael D. LOGOTHETIS 775-780
Analysis of OFDM Timing Synchronization Using Multipath Exploitation PDF
Young-Hwan YOU, Sung-Kwon HONG, Kyoung-Won MIN, Kyung-Taek LEE, Ki-Won KWON, Won-Gi JEON 781-783
Frequency-Domain Pre-Rake Transmission for DSSS/TDD Mobile Communications Systems PDF
Fumiyuki ADACHI, Kazuaki TAKEDA, Hiromichi TOMEBA 784-787
Autonomous Frequency Selection Algorithm under Existing Cellular System and Its Experimental Results (Rural Model) PDF
Kiyohito NAGATA, Masahiro FURUSE 788-791
A New Approach for Evaluating Clipping Distortion in DS-CDMA Systems PDF
Jian WANG, Xiuming SHAN, Yong REN 792-796
Algorithmic Computation of Optimal Capacity in Multiservice Mobile Wireless Networks PDF
Vicent PLA, Jorge MARTINEZ, Vicente CASARES- GINER 797-799
Parallel Interference Cancellation Based on Neural Network in CDMA Systems PDF
Yalcin I<img src="/img_font/sg00026.gif" (none), Necmi TA<img src="/img_font/sg00026.gif" (none) 800-806
Effect of Timing Misalignment on Performance of Uplink Synchronized DS-CDMA Systems PDF
Duk-Kyung KIM, Seung-Hoon HWANG 807-810
Gated-CDMA: Frequency-Domain Equalization for CDMA Systems PDF
Minjoong RIM 811-814
Optimum UDP Packet Sizes in Ad Hoc Networks PDF
JangYeon LEE, SungKwon PARK 815-820
Design of Multiple U-Shaped Slot Microstrip Patch Antenna in 5 GHz Band WLAN PDF
Jeong-Min JU, Gyey-Teak JEONG, Joong-Han YOON, Cheol-Soon KIM, Hyung-Sup KIM, Kyung-Sup KWAK 821-825
Forward Link Performance of Data Packet Transmission in an Aeronautical CDMA Cellular System PDF
Jie ZHOU, Kenta ISHIZAWA, Hisakazu KIKUCHI 826-830
Incorporation of Modified Quasi-Static Approximation into the FDTD Analysis of Rectangular Loop Antenna PDF
Pornanong PONGPAIBOOL, Toru UNO, Takuji ARIMA 831-834
Water Ring Scan Method for FGS Video Coding Schemes PDF
Gwang-Hoon PARK, Kyuheon KIM 835-840


Proposal of Clipping and Inter-Modulation Noise Mitigation Method for OFDM Signal in Non-linear Channel PDF
Differential Modulated Pilot Symbol Assisted Adaptive OFDM for Reducing the MLI with Predicted FBI PDF
Chang-Jun AHN, Satoshi TAKAHASHI, Hiroshi HARADA 436-442
Evaluation of MC-CDMA with Frequency Interleaving Technique in Frequency Selective Fading Channel PDF
Masato FURUDATE, Hiroyasu ISHIKAWA, Toshinori SUZUKI 443-451
Direct Decoder of Uplink Space-Time Block Coded MC-CDMA Systems PDF
Yanxing ZENG, Qinye YIN 452-462
Turbo Layered Space Frequency Coded OFDM for High Speed Wireless Communications PDF
Jong-Bu LIM, Cheol-Jin PARK, Gi-Hong IM 463-470
Performance Analysis of Polynomial Cancellation Coding for OFDM Systems over Time-Varying Rayleigh Fading Channels PDF
Abdullah S. ALARAIMI, Takeshi HASHIMOTO 471-477
Two Dimensional Combined Complementary Sequence and Its Application in Multi-Carrier CDMA PDF
Chao ZHANG, Xiaokang LIN, Mitsutoshi HATORI 478-486
Variable Spreading Factor-OFCDM with Two Dimensional Spreading that Prioritizes Time Domain Spreading for Forward Link Broadband Wireless Access PDF
Noriyuki MAEDA, Yoshihisa KISHIYAMA, Hiroyuki ATARASHI, Mamoru SAWAHASHI 487-498
Study on the OVSF Code Selection for Downlink MC-CDMA PDF
Takamichi INOUE, Deepshikha GARG, Fumiyuki ADACHI 499-508
Variable Spreading and Chip Repetition Factors (VSCRF)-CDMA in Reverse Link for Broadband Packet Wireless Access PDF
Yoshikazu GOTO, Teruo KAWAMURA, Hiroyuki ATARASHI, Mamoru SAWAHASHI 509-519
A Wavelets Network Interpolation Algorithm for OFDM Channel Estimation Systems PDF
Haiyuan LIU, Taiyi ZHANG, Ruiping ZHANG, Feng LIU 520-525
An OFDM Based Adaptive Modulation Scheme Employing Variable Coding Rate PDF
Toshiyuki NAKANISHI, Seiichi SAMPEI, Hiroshi HARADA, Norihiko MORINAGA 526-534
A Novel Frequency Offset Estimator over Frequency Selective Fading Channels by Using Correlative Coding PDF
Zhigang CHEN, Taiyi ZHANG, Feng LIU 535-540
Performance Evaluation of Time Alignment Control under High-Mobility Environment for Dynamic Parameter Controlled OF/TDMA PDF
Ryota KIMURA, Ryuhei FUNADA, Hiroshi HARADA, Shoji SHINODA 541-551
Accurate FFT Processing Window Timing Detection Based on Maximum SIR Criterion in OFCDM Wireless Access PDF
Satoshi NAGATA, Noriyuki MAEDA, Hiroyuki ATARASHI, Mamoru SAWAHASHI 552-560
Pilot-Assisted Decision Feedback Channel Estimation for STTD in OFDM Mobile Radio PDF
Koichi ISHIHARA, Kazuaki TAKEDA, Fumiyuki ADACHI 561-567
Adaptive Algorithm Based on Accumulated Signal Processing for Fast Fading Channels with Application to OFDM Mobile Radio PDF
Pubudu Sampath WIJESENA, Tetsuki TANIGUCHI, Yoshio KARASAWA 568-574
Frequency-Domain Pre-Equalization Transmit Diversity for MC-CDMA Uplink Transmission PDF
Hiromichi TOMEBA, Shinsuke TAKAOKA, Fumiyuki ADACHI 575-584
A Study on Forward Link Capacity in MC-CDMA Cellular System with MMSEC Receiver PDF
Noriaki MIYAZAKI, Toshinori SUZUKI 585-593
Comparison of Throughput Employing Hybrid ARQ Packet Combining in Forward Link OFCDM Broadband Packet Wireless Access PDF
Nobuhiko MIKI, Hiroyuki ATARASHI, Sadayuki ABETA, Mamoru SAWAHASHI 594-603
Field Experiments on Throughput Performance above 100 Mbps in Forward Link for VSF-OFCDM Broadband Wireless Access PDF
Yoshihisa KISHIYAMA, Noriyuki MAEDA, Kenichi HIGUCHI, Hiroyuki ATARASHI, Mamoru SAWAHASHI 604-614
An Adaptive Reed-Solomon Decoder Using Separate Clocks in the Pipelined Steps PDF
Moon-Kyou SONG, Min-Han KONG 615-622
Scheduling Delay Minimization for Non-UGS Data in Multi-Channel HFC Network PDF
Wei-Tsong LEE, Kuo-Chi CHU, Kun-Chen CHUNG, Jen-Yi PAN, Pau-Choo CHUNG 623-631
A Dynamic and Distributed Routing Algorithm Supporting Bidirectional Multiple QoS Requirements in End-to-End PDF
NarmHee LEE 632-642
A Method of Bandwidth Dimensioning and Management Using Flow Statistics PDF
Ryoichi KAWAHARA, Keisuke ISHIBASHI, Takuya ASAKA, Shuichi SUMITA, Takeo ABE 643-653
A More Accurate Analysis of Interference for Rake Combining on DS-CDMA Forward Link in Mobile Radio PDF
Kaibin HUANG, Fumiyuki ADACHI, Yong Huat CHEW 654-663
Throughput Comparison of Turbo-Coded HARQ in OFDM, MC-CDMA and DS-CDMA with Frequency-Domain Equalization PDF
Deepshikha GARG, Fumiyuki ADACHI 664-677
A DSP-Based Reconfigurable SDR Platform for 3G Systems PDF
Gweon-Do JO, Min-Joung SHEEN, Seung-Hwan LEE, Kyoung-Rok CHO 678-686
Adaptive Receivers for DS/CDMA Multiuser Communication in Multipath Fading Channels PDF
Fang-Biau UENG, Li-Der JENG, Jun-Da CHEN, Jia-Yu YANG 687-697
Direct Implementation of Space-Time MC-CDMA Receiver with Adaptive Linearly Constrained Constant Modulus Algorithm PDF
Shiunn-Jang CHERN, Chung-Yao CHANG 698-705
A Frequency Scheduling Method for MC-CDM PDF
Shigehiko TSUMURA, Yoshitaka HARA, Shinsuke HARA 706-715
An Integrated Location Management Scheme for Seamless Access in B3G Systems PDF
Sheng-Tzong CHENG, Chih-Hsiung TSENG, Ming-Tzung HSIEH 716-723
Doppler Spread Estimation in Mobile Communication Systems PDF
Young-Chai KO 724-728
Characteristic Comparison between Electric Currents on Upper and Lower Surfaces of Patch Conductor in a Microstrip Antenna PDF
Takafumi FUJIMOTO, Kazumasa TANAKA, Mitsuo TAGUCHI 729-736
A New Algorithm to Generate the Reference Images of Ship Targets for ATR Using ISAR PDF
Kazuhiko YAMAMOTO, Masafumi IWAMOTO, Tetsuo KIRIMOTO 737-744
Improved Hybrid-Parallel Single Stage PFC Converter PDF
Chunfeng JIN, Tamotsu NINOMIYA, Shin NAKAGAWA 745-750