Vol. E88-B, No. 7 July 2005

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Masami YABUSAKI 2699-2699


Wallpaper Interaction in Wireless Handset Using VIS (Vector Image Solution) PDF
Doo-Hee JUNG, Gu-Min JEONG, Sung-Kyun YOON 2864-2867
Complexity-Scalable DCT-Based Video Coding Algorithm for Computation-Limited Terminals PDF
Hee-chan KIM, Kook-yeol YOO 2868-2871
Robust Time and Frequency Synchronization for OFDM-Based WLANs PDF
Zi-Wei ZHENG, Zhi-Xing YANG, Yi-Sheng ZHU 3047-3049
Closed-Form Space-Time Channel Blind Estimation for Space-Time Coded MC-CDMA Systems PDF
Yanxing ZENG, Qinye YIN 3050-3056
Criterion for Reducing Error Rate Degradation by Nonlinear Amplifier for Multicarrier Transmission PDF
Osamu TAKYU, Tomoaki OHTSUKI, Masao NAKAGAWA 3057-3061
Improvement of Blind/Group-Blind Multiuser Detectors Based on CM Iteration PDF
Seungjae BAHNG, Seokjoo SHIN, Anders HØST- MADSEN 3062-3064
Maximum Frame Size Control Based on Predicted BER in Wireless Networks PDF
MyungSeon RYOU, HongSeong PARK, SooHee HAN, WookHyun KWON 3065-3068
A Comparison of Orthogonal and Quasi-Orthogonal Space-Time Block Codes for Fast Fading Channels PDF
Jaekwon KIM, Yong-Soo CHO 3069-3072
An OFDM Scheme with Pre-IDFT/DFT on Frequency-Selective Rayleigh Fading Channels PDF
Jeong-Woo JWA 3073-3077
Frequency-Domain Pre-Equalization for Multicode Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Signal Transmission PDF
Fumiyuki ADACHI, Kazuaki TAKEDA, Hiromichi TOMEBA 3078-3081
Reducing the Clipping Noise in OFDM Systems by Using Oversampling Scheme PDF
Linjun WU, Shihua ZHU 3082-3086
Blind Estimation of the PN Sequence in Lower SNR DS/SS Signals PDF
Tianqi ZHANG, Xiaokang LIN, Zhengzhong ZHOU 3087-3089
A Reduced-Rank 2-D Space-Frequency Receiver for MC-CDMA Systems with Multistage Wiener Filters PDF
Yung-Fang CHEN 3090-3093
Study of On-Glass Mobile Antennas for Digital Terrestrial Television PDF
Shin-ichiro MATSUZAWA, Kazuo SATO, Kunitoshi NISHIKAWA 3094-3096
Multimedia-on-Demand Systems with Broadcast, Batch and Interactive Services PDF
Vicki W.H. LEE, Eric Wing Ming WONG, King-Tim KO, Kit-Sang TANG 3097-3100


Maximizing User Satisfaction Based on Mobility in Heterogeneous Mobile Multimedia Communication Networks PDF
Ved P. KAFLE, Eiji KAMIOKA, Shigeki YAMADA 2709-2717
Proactive Handover Scheme Based on Forwarding Router Discovery for Mobile IP Networks PDF
Takeshi TAKAHASHI, Koichi ASATANI, Jarmo HARJU, Hideyoshi TOMINAGA 2718-2725
A Proposed Mobility Management for IP-Based IMT Network Platform PDF
Takatoshi OKAGAWA, Katsutoshi NISHIDA, Masami YABUSAKI 2726-2734
Support of Micro-Mobility in MPLS-Based Wireless Access Networks PDF
Kaiduan XIE, Vincent W.S. WONG, Victor C.M. LEUNG 2735-2742
A Proposal of Various IP Mobility Services to Apply the Mobile VLAN in the Ubiquitous Environment PDF
Shigeaki TANIMOTO, Naoto FUJIKI 2743-2755
Care-of Prefix Routing for Moving Networks PDF
Toshihiro SUZUKI, Ken IGARASHI, Akira MIURA, Masami YABUSAKI 2756-2764
A Model and Evaluation of Route Optimization in Nested NEMO Environment PDF
Hyung-Jin LIM, Dong-Young LEE, Tae-Kyung KIM, Tai-Myoung CHUNG 2765-2776
Advanced Performance Enhancing Mechanisms for Supporting Real-Time Services on DVB-RCS System Environments PDF
Nam-Kyung LEE, Soo-Hoan CHAE, Deock-Gil OH, Ho-Jin LEE 2777-2783
Robust QoS Control System for Mobile Multimedia Communication in IP-Based Cellular Network: Multipath Control and Proactive Control PDF
Akihito OKURA, Takeshi IHARA, Akira MIURA, Masami YABUSAKI 2784-2793
An Adaptive FEC Scheme for Firm Real-Time Multimedia Communications in Wireless Networks PDF
Kyong Hoon KIM, Jong KIM, Sung Je HONG 2794-2801
Autonomic Radio Resource Control for QoS-Aware Multimedia Wireless Networks PDF
Shaokai YU, Won-Sik YOON, Yong-Deak KIM, Chae-Woo LEE, Jae-Hyun KIM 2802-2809
Subchannel Multiplexing Scheme for Mobile Broadband Wireless Access Services in AMC-based OFDMA System PDF
Dong Hoi KIM, Chung Gu KANG 2810-2818
Wireless-Caused Representative Selection Fluctuation Problem in Wireless Multicast Congestion Control PDF
Takeshi SAITO, Miki YAMAMOTO 2819-2825
TDBMA--A Novel Multicast Algorithm for IPv6-Based Mobile Networks PDF
Wu-Hsiao HSU 2826-2836
Supporting User Privacy in Location Based Services PDF
Anand S. GAJPARIA, Chris J. MITCHELL, Chan Yeob YEUN 2837-2847
Evaluation of Positioning Accuracy for the Pedestrian Navigation System PDF
Sumio USUI, Junichiro TSUJI, Koji WAKIMOTO, Satoshi TANAKA, Junshiro KANDA, Fumiaki SATO, Tadanori MIZUNO 2848-2855
Quantization/DCT Conversion Scheme for DCT-Domain MPEG-2 to H.264/AVC Transcoding PDF
Joo-Kyong LEE, Ki-Dong CHUNG 2856-2863
PID-RPR: A High Performance Bandwidth Allocation Approach for RPR Networks PDF
Liansheng TAN, Yan YANG, Chuang LIN, Naixue XIONG 2872-2878
Analytical Model to Optimize the Cost of Resource Reservation in a Client-Server Scenario PDF
Marcos POSTIGO- BOIX, Joan GARCIA- HARO, Jose Luis MELUS- MORENO 2879-2886
Deterministic Edge-to-Edge Delay Bounds for a Flow under Latency Rate Scheduling in a DiffServ Network PDF
Geunhyung KIM, Cheeha KIM 2887-2895
An Adaptive Control Design for ABR Service in ATM Networks PDF
Thang Viet NGUYEN, Takehiro MORI, Yoshihiro MORI, Yasuaki KUROE 2896-2907
Fault Localization and Recovery in Crossbar ATM Switches PDF
Minseok OH 2908-2917
M-Sweeps Exact Performance Analysis of OS Modified Versions in Nonhomogeneous Environments PDF
Mohamed Bakry EL- MASHADE, This paper was deleted on October 26, 20 (none) 2918-2927
A Multi-Code Biorthogonal Code Keying with Constant Amplitude Coding PDF
Myoung Jin KIM, Sung Pil KIM, Jin-Woong CHO 2928-2936
Collision Avoidance and Recovery for Multicast Communications in Ad Hoc Networks PDF
Kwan Shek LAU, Derek C.W. PAO 2937-2943
Smart Antennas for Multiuser DS/CDMA Communications in Multipath Fading Channels PDF
Fang-Biau UENG, Jun-Da CHEN, Sheng-Han CHENG 2944-2954
Downlink Performance Analysis of Synchronous Multi-Cell MC-CDMA Systems with Code Hopping under Correlated Fading Channels PDF
Jayong KOO, Youngnam HAN 2955-2961
Pilot-Assisted Channel Estimation Using Adaptive Interpolation for Coherent Rake Reception of DS-CDMA Signals PDF
Shinsuke TAKAOKA, Fumiyuki ADACHI 2962-2970
Performance Evaluation of Stop & Wait and Reset & Wait Time-Based Location Update Strategies PDF
Vicente CASARES- GINER, Pablo GARCIA- ESCALLE 2971-2984
An Improved Power Saving Mechanism for MAC Protocol in Ad Hoc Networks PDF
Shojiro TAKEUCHI, Kaoru SEZAKI, Yasuhiko YASUDA 2985-2993
A Study on Validity of Random Frame Error Assumption from the Viewpoint of TCP Performance in DS-CDMA Cellular System PDF
Jumpei TAKETSUGU, Shinsuke HARA 2994-3004
Influence of Transmitting Ground and Satellite Station HPA Nonlinearities on Satellite Communication System Performance in the Presence of Cochannel Interference PDF
Mihajlo C. STEFANOVIC, Goran T. DJORDJEVIC 3005-3009
MIMO Channel Capacity in an Indoor Line-Of-Sight (LOS) Environment PDF
Kei SAKAGUCHI, Hai-Yeow-Eugene CHUA, Kiyomichi ARAKI 3010-3019
Modeling and Analysis of OFDM Transmission Characteristics in Rayleigh Fading Environment in Which the Delay Profile Exceeds the Guard Interval PDF
Yoshio KARASAWA, Noriyuki GEJOH, Takaaki IZUMI 3020-3027
Characteristics of Electrically Long Two-Conductor Lines with Inhomogeneous Media PDF
Osamu MAKINO, Fengchao XIAO, Yoshio KAMI 3028-3035
Hybrid Video-on-Demand Systems Using Dynamic Channel Allocation Architecture PDF
Sukwon LEE, Sungkwon PARK 3036-3046

Invited Papers

An Extension of 4G Mobile Networks towards the Ubiquitous Real Space PDF
Kazuo IMAI, Wataru TAKITA, Sadahiko KANO, Akihisa KODATE 2700-2708