Vol. E88-B, No. 9 September 2005

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Chai-Keong TOH, Kenichi MASE, Susumu YOSHIDA 3499-3499


Transmit Power Efficiency of Multi-Hop MRC Diversity for a Virtual Cellular Network PDF
Imane DAOU, Eisuke KUDOH, Fumiyuki ADACHI 3643-3648
Improvement of One-Time Password Authentication Scheme Using Smart Cards PDF
Narn-Yih LEE, Jung-Chic CHEN 3765-3767
An Explicit Stability Criterion of Adaptive Virtual Queue Algorithm PDF
Fengyuan REN, Chuang LIN, Xiaomeng HUANG 3768-3771
A Novel Approach for Modeling a Hybrid ARQ (Automatic Repeat Request) Based on the Hidden Markov Model PDF
Yong Ho KIM, Tae Yong KIM, Young Yong KIM 3772-3775
Phase Error Correction for OFDM-Based WLANs PDF
Zi-Wei ZHENG, Zhi-Xing YANG, Yi-Sheng ZHU 3776-3778
An Efficient Transmission Slot Selection Scheme for MC-CDMA Systems with Packet Loss and Delay Bound Constraints PDF
Ji-Bum KIM, Kyung-Ho SOHN, Chung-Ha KOH, Young-Yong KIM 3779-3783
Performance Analysis of the IEEE 802.11 DCF with Time-Varying Channel Environments PDF
Jae-Min LEE, Soo Hee HAN, Hong Seong PARK, Wook Hyun KWON 3784-3787
On Delay Estimation Error for CDMA in Fast Fading Channels PDF
Wei CHEN, Erry GUNAWAN, Kah Chan TEH 3788-3790
High Rate Recursive Space-Time Trellis Code Designed for Serially Concatenated Space-Time Codes PDF
Ying LI, Xudong GUO, Xinmei WANG 3791-3793
Improvement of Diagonally Weighted Space-Time Trellis Codes with Two Transmit Antennas by Using Unitary Rotation PDF
Young Seok JUNG, Jae Hong LEE 3794-3797
On the Optimal Chip Rate of Adaptive Power and Rate DS/CDMA Communication Systems in Nakagami Fading Channels PDF
Ye Hoon LEE, Dong Ho KIM, Hong Jik KIM 3798-3801
Very-Low-Complexity Maximum-Likelihood Decoders for Four-Transmit-Antenna Quasi-Orthogonal Space-Time Code PDF
Minh-Tuan LE, Van-Su PHAM, Linh MAI, Giwan YOON 3802-3805
Performance Evaluations of DCT Interpolation-Based Channel Estimation Method for MIMO-OFDM System PDF
Yuanrun TENG, Katsuhiro NAITO, Kazuo MORI, Hideo KOBAYASHI 3806-3810
Simplification of an Array Antenna by Reducing the Fed Elements PDF
Tadashi TAKANO, Noriyuki KAMO, Akira SUGAWARA 3811-3814
Measurements of Millimeter Pulse Wave Backscattering from a Cylindrical Object near a Flat Boundary PDF
Daisuke MATSUBARA, Shigeo ITO 3815-3818
A Stack of Metal Rings for Reducing Common-Mode Current on a Wire Passing through an Aperture PDF
Sungtek KAHNG 3819-3822


A Game-Theoretical Power and Rate Control for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks with Step-up Price PDF
Qing CHEN, Zhisheng NIU 3515-3523
IEEE 802.11 MAC Performance with Variable Transmission Rates PDF
Namgi KIM 3524-3531
Tradeoff between Area Spectral Efficiency and End-to-End Throughput in Rate-Adaptive Multihop Radio Networks PDF
Koji YAMAMOTO, Susumu YOSHIDA 3532-3540
Evaluation of Cell Coverage and System Throughput in Multihop DS-CDMA Cellular Network PDF
Atsushi FUJIWARA, Shinji TAKEDA, Hitoshi YOSHINO, Narumi UMEDA 3541-3545
Capacity Improvement of Multihop Inter-Vehicle Communication Networks by STBC Cooperative Relaying PDF
Toshiaki KOIKE, Masakazu TANAKA, Susumu YOSHIDA 3546-3553
Throughput Analysis for Fully-Connected Ad Hoc Network Joint with Multiuser Detection PDF
Xiaocong QIAN, Baoyu ZHENG, Genjian YU 3554-3562
An On-Demand Cluster Formation Scheme for Efficient Flooding in Ad-Hoc Networks PDF
Gicheol WANG, Gihwan CHO 3563-3569
A Broadcast Engagement ACK Mechanism for Reliable Broadcast Transmission in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks PDF
Jenhui CHEN, Muwen HUANG 3570-3578
DESIRE: Density Aware Heterogenous Overlay Multicast Forwarding Scheme in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks PDF
Ki-Il KIM, Sang-Ha KIM 3579-3587
A Link Heterogeneity-Aware On-Demand Routing (LHAOR) Protocol Utilizing Local Update and RSSI Information PDF
Suhua TANG, Bing ZHANG, Masahiro WATANABE, Shinsuke TANAKA 3588-3597
Resilient Cluster-Organizing Key Management and Secure Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks PDF
Hua-Yi LIN, Yueh-Min HUANG, Tzone- I WANG 3598-3613
Distributed QoS Scheme for Multimedia Communication in Mobile Ad Hoc Network PDF
Mohammad AMINUL HAQ, Mitsuji MATSUMOTO, Jacir L. BORDIM, Shinsuke TANAKA 3614-3622
An Audio-Video Multipath Streaming Scheme with Media Synchronization Control: Application-Level QoS Assessment in a Wireless Ad Hoc Network PDF
Toshiro NUNOME, Shuji TASAKA 3623-3634
A Distributed User Revocation Scheme for Ad-Hoc Networks PDF
Jun ANZAI, Tsutomu MATSUMOTO 3635-3642
Optimum Wavelength Filter Spectrum Response in DWDM Systems for Ultimate Spectral Efficiency PDF
Shuichi SUZUKI, Yasuo KOKUBUN 3649-3659
Deflection Routing for Optical Bursts Considering Possibility of Contention at Downstream Nodes PDF
Nagao OGINO, Hideaki TANAKA 3660-3667
A New Approach to Cell Loss Analysis for Long-Range Dependent Network Traffic PDF
Chien Trinh NGUYEN, Shinji SUGAWARA, Tetsuya MIKI 3668-3681
A Fair Scheduling Algorithm for Wireless Internet Differentiated Service Networks PDF
Sang-Jo YOO, Kang-Sik SHIN 3682-3692
Load Balancing Routing Algorithm for Reverse Proxy Servers PDF
Satosi KATO, Hidetosi OKAMOTO, Toyofumi TAKENAKA 3693-3700
Threshold-Type Call Control under the Outage Restriction in a CDMA Cellular System PDF
Dong-Wan TCHA, Soon-Ho LEE, Go-Whan JIN 3701-3708
Design and Performance Analysis of Parity Encoded M-Ary BPPM in UWB Systems PDF
Yeong-Hyeon KWON, Mi-Kyung OH, Dong-Jo PARK 3709-3716
Estimation of Direction of Arrival Using Weighted Subspace Fitting for Wireless Communications PDF
Suk Chan KIM, Iickho SONG 3717-3724
Calculation of Longitudinal Conversion Loss and Input Impedance for Indoor AC Mains Line Considering High-Speed PLC PDF
A.K.M. Mahbub Ar RASHID, Nobuo KUWABARA, Masahiro MAKI, Yoshiharu AKIYAMA, Hiroshi YAMANE 3725-3732
Biological Tissue-Equivalent Agar-Based Solid Phantoms and SAR Estimation Using the Thermographic Method in the Range of 3-6 GHz PDF
Teruo ONISHI, Ryo ISHIDO, Takuya TAKIMOTO, Kazuyuki SAITO, Shinji UEBAYASHI, Masaharu TAKAHASHI, Koichi ITO 3733-3741
On the Inversion of Wind Scatterometer Incomplete Data Sets PDF
Maurizio MIGLIACCIO, Maurizio SARTI 3742-3749
A Fast Encoding Technique for Vector Quantization of LSF Parameters PDF
Sangwon KANG, Yongwon SHIN, Changyong SON, Thomas R. FISCHER 3750-3755
An O(N log K) Restricted Dynamic Programming Algorithm for Data Allocation over Multiple Channels PDF
Shuoi WANG, Hsing-Lung CHEN 3756-3764

Invited Papers

Standardization Efforts & Future Research Issues for Wireless Sensors & Mobile Ad Hoc Networks PDF
Chai-Keong TOH, Petri MAHONEN, Mikko UUSITALO 3500-3507
Test-Bed Based Research on Ad Hoc Networks in Japan PDF
Sadao OBANA, Bokuji KOMIYAMA, Kenichi MASE 3508-3514