Vol. E89-B, No. 7 July 2006

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A Study on Power and Bit Assignment of Embedded Multi-Carrier Modulation Schemes for Hierarchical Image Transmission over Digital Subscriber Line PDF
Charlene GOUDEMAND, Francois-Xavier COUDOUX, Marc GAZALET 2071-2073
Optimization of Tunable Wavelength Converters and Internal Wavelengths in the Optical Packet Switch with Shared FDL Buffer PDF
Huhnkuk LIM, Changhwan OH, Chang-Soo PARK 2074-2078
A Combination of AOC-SS Modulation, Mapping Technique and Space-Time Coding for Variable High-Rate Transmission PDF
Hyung Yun KONG, Ho Van KHUONG, Doo-Hee NAM 2079-2083
Complexity Reduced Maximum Likelihood Detection for SDM-OFDM System PDF
Yuanrun TENG, Katsuhiro NAITO, Kazuo MORI, Hideo KOBAYASHI 2084-2087
A Method of Intercell Carrier Frequency-Offset Estimation and Cell-Searching for Downlink in OFDM-Based Cellular Systems PDF
Kyung Won PARK, Yong Soo CHO 2088-2091
Phase Jitter Injection into Sub-Carriers for Peak Power Reduction of OFDM Signal without Side Information Transmission PDF
Noboru IZUKA, Yoshimasa DAIDO 2092-2095
A Simplified Autocorrelation-Based Single Frequency Estimator PDF
Young-Hwan YOU, Dae-Ki HONG, Sung-Jin KANG, Jang-Yeon LEE, Jin-Woong CHO 2096-2098
Estimation of OFDM Integer Frequency Offset over Rapidly Time-Varying Channels PDF
Young-Hwan YOU, Sung-Jin KANG, Dae-Ki HONG, Jang-Yeon LEE, Jin-Woong CHO 2099-2101
Subcarrier Block Power Control for Adaptive Downlink OFDM with Frequency Spreading and Equalization PDF
Nam-Su KIM, Sungho CHO, Chang-Jun AHN 2102-2105
Approximations for Detection Probability and Measurement Accuracy Taking into Account Antenna Beam-Pointing Losses PDF
Sun-Mog HONG, Young K. KWAG 2106-2110
Temporal Error Concealment for H.264 Video Based on Adaptive Block-Size Pixel Replacement PDF
Donghyung KIM, Jongho KIM, Jechang JEONG 2111-2114
A New Incentive Charging Scheme for Hybrid Multimedia-on-Demand Systems PDF
Vicki W.H. LEE, Eric W.M. WONG 2115-2117


On the Performance Improvement Achieved by Packet Dispersion PDF
Fumio ISHIZAKI 1977-1986
A Novel Dual Band Transmitter for Wireless LAN IEEE 802.11a/g Applications with Digital Predistortion Linearization PDF
Sung Min KANG, Jae Hong CHOI, Kyung Heon KOO 1987-1993
Reconfiguration Heuristics for Logical Topologies in Wide-Area WDM Networks PDF
Hironao TAKAGI, Yongbing ZHANG, Hideaki TAKAGI 1994-2001
Multilevel Hierarchical Mobility Management in Densely Meshed Networks PDF
Keita KAWANO, Kazuhiko KINOSHITA, Koso MURAKAMI 2002-2011
High-Speed Calculation of Worst-Case Link Delays in the EDD Connection Admission Control Scheme PDF
Tokumi YOKOHIRA, Kiyohiko OKAYAMA 2012-2022
Measurement-Based Predictive Admission Control for Mobile QoS in DiffServ Networks PDF
Jung-Mo MOON, Mi-Young YUN, Sang-Ha KIM 2023-2032
An Effective DDoS Attack Detection and Packet-Filtering Scheme PDF
Seokbong JEONG, Hyunwoo KIM, Sehun KIM 2033-2042
Low Complexity Intercarrier Interference Equalization Technique in OFDM System PDF
Feng YANG, WenJun ZHANG, ShuRong JIAO, Xiaoyun HOU 2043-2049
Single Carrier Frequency-Domain Equalization with Transmit Diversity over Mobile Multipath Channels PDF
Tae-Won YUNE, Chan-Ho CHOI, Gi-Hong IM 2050-2060
Macroscopic Visualization of a Radiated Emission Source Using Cylindrically Scanned Electric Field Amplitude Data PDF
Yasuhiro ISHIDA, Masato KAWABATA, Nobuo KUWABARA 2061-2070