Vol. E89-B, No. 11 November 2006

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Table of Contents


An Extended Pawula F-Function for MPSK Signal Vector Perturbed by Correlated Two-Dimensional Gaussian Noise PDF
Seungkeun PARK, Byeong-Gwon KANG, Duk-Kyu PARK 3104-3107
Nonlinear Control of Active Queue Management for Multiple Bottleneck Network PDF
Yang XIAO, Moon Ho LEE 3108-3113
Analysis of Multiple-Places Reservation Discipline PDF
Yutae LEE 3114-3116
Kalman Carrier Recovery Algorithm for High-Order QAM PDF
Dah-Chung CHANG, Wei-Tsen LIN, Yung-Fang CHEN 3117-3119
On the Maximum Throughput of a Combined Input-Crosspoint Queued Packet Switch PDF
Roberto ROJAS- CESSA, Zhen GUO, Nirwan ANSARI 3120-3123
Performance Comparison of Route Metrics for Wireless Mesh Networks PDF
Bong Chan KIM, Hwang Soo LEE 3124-3127
Fair Active Queue Management Scheme Based on BLACK for Smooth UDP Throughput PDF
Ho-Jin LEE, Jong-Tae LIM 3128-3131
A Novel Frequency Offset Estimation for OFDM Systems PDF
Jong Yoon HWANG, Kwang Soon KIM, Keum-Chan WHANG 3132-3135
Linear Precoding for V-BLAST Systems in the Presence of Fading Correlations PDF
Tingting SHI, Shidong ZHOU, Yan Yao (none), Ming ZHAO 3136-3138
Linear Precoding Based on Sub-Channel Permutation in Post-Combining MIMO-HARQ Systems PDF
Jinxia CHENG, Chi LIU, Shidong ZHOU, Ming ZHAO, Yan YAO 3139-3142
Performance Gain Analysis of Dynamic Carrier Allocation Using Order Statistics PDF
Younghyun JEON, Sungho JEON, Sanghoon LEE 3143-3147
Multiuser Channel Estimation Using Gaussian Mixture Sigma Point Particle Filter for CDMA System PDF
Jang Sub KIM, Ho Jin SHIN, Dong Ryeol SHIN 3148-3151
A New Participation Strategy for Cooperative Diversity with Multiple Partners PDF
Young Seok JUNG, Jae Hong LEE 3152-3155
Iterative Joint Correlation Interval Selection and Doppler Spread Estimation PDF
Peng ZHANG, Xiaodong XU, Guangguo BI, Xiuying CAO, Junhui ZHAO 3156-3159
Geographic Channel Assignment Framework for Broadband Wireless Access Networks PDF
Jenhui CHEN, Chih-Chieh WANG, Jiann-Der LEE 3160-3163


An Adaptive Space-Time Coded Cooperation Scheme in Wireless Communication PDF
Ning WEI, Zhongpei ZHANG, Shaoqian LI 2973-2981
Design and Optimization of Microstrip Parallel-Coupled-Line Bandpass Filters Incorporating Impedance Matching PDF
Homayoon ORAIZI, Mahdi MORADIAN, Kazuhiro HIRASAWA 2982-2989
Design of High-Speed Preamble Searcher for RACH Preamble Structure in WCDMA Reverse Link Receiver PDF
Eun-Sun JUNG, Hyung-Jin CHOI 2990-2997
Cyclic Shifted-and-Extended Codes Based on a Quasi-Orthogonal Sequence for a CDM Transmission Scheme PDF
Kazuyuki SHIMEZAWA, Hiroshi HARADA, Hiroshi SHIRAI 2998-3007
Simultaneous Optical Transmission of AM-VSB/64-QAM/FM/TC8PSK/QPSK Multi-Channel Television Signals by Super-Wideband FM and BS/CS-RF Conversion Techniques PDF
Koji KIKUSHIMA, Toshihito FUJIWARA, Satoshi IKEDA 3008-3020
Design of Optical Switching Module for Gigabit Ethernet Optical Switched Access Network PDF
Takumi NOMURA, Hiromi UEDA, Chikashi ITOH, Hiroaki KUROKAWA, Toshinori TSUBOI, Hiroyuki KASAI 3021-3031
Optical Path Protection with Fast Extra Path Preemption PDF
Shoichiro SENO, Teruko FUJII, Motofumi TANABE, Eiichi HORIUCHI, Yoshimasa BABA, Tetsuo IDEGUCHI 3032-3039
Round-Robin with VirtualClock Scheduling Algorithm in Multiservice Packet Networks PDF
Lei WANG, Mike H. MACGREGOR 3040-3045
Network Design Scheme for Virtual Private Network Services PDF
Tomonori TAKEDA, Ryuichi MATSUZAKI, Ichiro INOUE, Shigeo URUSHIDANI 3046-3054
Virtual Subcarrier Assignment (VISA) for Spatial Filtering of OFDM Signals PDF
Shinsuke HARA, Yunjian JIA 3055-3064
Erlang Capacity of Multi-Service Multi-Access Systems with a Limited Number of Channel Elements According to Separate and Common Operations PDF
Insoo KOO, Kiseon KIM 3065-3074
Minimum Variance Multi-User Detection with Optimum Subband Decomposition over Multipath Channels PDF
Wan-Shing YANG, Wen-Hsien FANG, Che-Yu LIN 3075-3082
Channel Extrapolation Techniques for E-SDM System in Time-Varying Fading Environments PDF
Huu Phu BUI, Yasutaka OGAWA, Takeo OHGANE, Toshihiko NISHIMURA 3083-3092
Elimination of Outdoor Wireless Services Coverage Blind Spot by Use of Flat Metallic Reflector PDF
Aucharaporn NETNIL, Chatchai WAIYAPATTANAKORN 3093-3103