Vol. E90-B, No. 5 May 2007

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Koichiro WAKASUGI 1021-1021


A New Iterative Decodable Block Coded Modulation Scheme PDF
Shang-Chih MA 1222-1224
Optical Signal-to-Noise Ratio Monitoring in Optical Transport Networks Using OXCs or Reconfigurable OADMs PDF
Ji Wook YOUN, Kyung Whan YEOM, Bheom Soon JOO 1225-1227
MMAC-DCA: A Multi-Channel MAC Protocol with DCA Mechanism in CDMA Ad Hoc Networks PDF
Jigang QIU, Yi LONG, Xiang CHEN, Xiaokang LIN 1228-1231
A Revised Routing Protocol Based on Associativity PDF
Ki-Il KIM 1232-1235
MTCP: A Transmission Control Protocol for Multi-Provider Environment PDF
Keuntae PARK, Jaesub KIM, Yongjin CHOI, Daeyeon PARK 1236-1240
Bio-AdHoc Sensor Networks for Early Disaster Warning PDF
Goo-Yeon LEE, Dong-Eun Lee (none), Choong-Kyo JEONG 1241-1244
Approximation Error Analysis for Partially Coherent EGC Receiver under Nakagami-m Fading Channels PDF
Youngsun KIM, Kiseon KIM 1245-1248
Improvement of Sleep Operation for the Reduced Paging Delay on Cellular System PDF
JaeHeung KIM, ByungHan RYU, Kyoung-Rok CHO 1249-1251
Downlink Packet Transmission Control Based on Soft Handoff Status in CDMA Cellular Packet Networks PDF
Abubaker KHUMSI, Kazuo MORI, Katsuhiro NAITO, Hideo KOBAYASHI, Hamid AGHVAMI 1252-1256
A Weighted Element-Wise Block Adaptive Frequency-Domain Equalization PDF
Jongseob BAEK, Jongsoo SEO 1257-1260
Low Complexity ML Detection Technique for V-BLAST Systems with DFE Decoding PDF
Myung-Sun BAEK, So-Young YEO, Young-Hwan YOU, Hyoung-Kyu SONG 1261-1265
Simple Precoding for QR-Decomposition MLD Incorporated with PIC in MIMO-OFDM Systems PDF
Masaaki FUJII 1266-1269
Cooperative Transmission Technique Using Space Time Delay Code in OFDMA Uplink System PDF
Jae-Seon YOON, So-Young YEO, Jee-Hoon KIM, Hyoung-Kyu SONG 1270-1273
Blind Frequency Offset Estimation Using Adaptive Step-Size LMS Algorithm for OFDM Communications PDF
Chiao-Chan HUANG, Ann-Chen CHANG, Ing-Jiunn SU 1274-1277
Combined CAC Scheme Supporting Multiple Services with 3G W-CDMA DownLink Power Allocation PDF
Jeong-Ho KIM, Joo-Young YANG, MinYoung CHUNG 1278-1282
Boosting VoIP Capacity of Wireless Mesh Networks through Lazy Frame Aggregation PDF
Hyogon KIM, Sangki YUN, Heejo LEE 1283-1285
Implementation of Local Boundary Conditions in Two ADI-FDTD Updating Schemes PDF
Saehoon JU, Kyung-Hoon LEE, In-Ho HWANG, Hyung-Hoon KIM, Hyeongdong KIM 1286-1289
Recognition of PRI Modulation Types of Radar Signals Using the Autocorrelation PDF
Young-Jin RYOO, Kyu-Ha SONG, Whan-Woo KIM 1290-1294


Design and Analysis of Scalable WDM-Based Ethernet Hybrid-PON Architecture PDF
Tae-Yeon KIM, NamUk KIM, Sang-Ho LEE, Jeong-Ju YOO, Byong-Whi KIM 1032-1041
Fair Bandwidth Allocation and End-to-End Delay Routing Algorithms for Wireless Mesh Networks PDF
Yean-Fu WEN, Yeong-Sung (Frank) LIN 1042-1051
A Simple and Feasible Decision-Feedback Channel Tracking Scheme for MIMO-OFDM Systems PDF
Yusuke ASAI, Wenjie JIANG, Takeshi ONIZAWA, Atsushi OHTA, Satoru AIKAWA 1052-1060
Architectural Design of Next-Generation Science Information Network PDF
Shigeo URUSHIDANI, Shunji ABE, Kensuke FUKUDA, Jun MATSUKATA, Yusheng JI, Michihiro KOIBUCHI, Shigeki YAMADA 1061-1070
Cost Analysis of Optical Access Network Migration Scenarios to Broadcast Service PDF
Yasuyuki OKUMURA 1071-1078
Two-Way Release Message Transmission and Its Wavelength Selection Rules for Preemption in OBS Networks PDF
Takuji TACHIBANA, Shoji KASAHARA 1079-1089
Effective Bit Selection Methods for Improving Performance of Packet Classifications on IP Routers PDF
Gang QIN, Shingo ATA, Ikuo OKA, Chikato FUJIWARA 1090-1097
Designing a Packet Scheduler for Proportional Delay Differentiation Model PDF
Yi-Hung HUANG, Wang-Hsai YANG 1098-1103
On the Architecture Design and Performance Evaluation of a Configurable Blueweb Network PDF
Chih-Min YU, Chia-Chi HUANG 1104-1111
Tradeoff Relationship between Fidelity and Latency in Interactive Audio-Video Applications over IP Networks PDF
Yoshihiro ITO, Shuji TASAKA 1112-1121
Transport Layer Mobility Management across Heterogeneous Wireless Access Networks PDF
Kazuya TSUKAMOTO, Yoshiaki HORI, Yuji OIE 1122-1131
Receiver-Based ACK Splitting Mechanism for TCP over Wired/Wireless Heterogeneous Networks PDF
Go HASEGAWA, Masashi NAKATA, Hirotaka NAKANO 1132-1141
An Integrated Routing Mechanism for Cross-Layer Traffic Engineering in IP over WDM Networks PDF
Yuki KOIZUMI, Shin'ichi ARAKAWA, Masayuki MURATA 1142-1151
Frequency-Domain Multi-Stage Soft Interference Cancellation for DS-CDMA Uplink Signal Transmission PDF
Koichi ISHIHARA, Kazuaki TAKEDA, Fumiyuki ADACHI 1152-1161
Adaptive DS/CDMA Packet Radio Communications over Indoor Multipath Fading Channels PDF
Ye Hoon LEE, Seokho YOON, Sun Yong KIM 1162-1170
Iterative Channel Estimation for Frequency-Domain Equalization of DSSS Signals PDF
Koichi ISHIHARA, Kazuaki TAKEDA, Fumiyuki ADACHI 1171-1180
A Carrier Interferometry Based Channel Estimation Technique for MIMO-OFDM/TDMA Systems PDF
Kazunari YOKOMAKURA, Seiichi SAMPEI, Hiroshi HARADA, Norihiko MORINAGA 1181-1192
Low-Complexity Conjugate Gradient Algorithm for Array Code Acquisition PDF
Hua-Lung YANG, Wen-Rong WU 1193-1200
Investigation of Wall Effect on Indoor MIMO Channel Capacity by Using MoM-FDTD Hybrid Technique PDF
Xiao Peng YANG, Qiang CHEN, Kunio SAWAYA 1201-1207
An Approach for Numerical Analysis of Differential Equation-Based Feeding Point Modeling of Electromagnetic Devices PDF
Kyeong-Sik MIN, Manh-Dat VU 1208-1213
Dipole Array Antenna Assisted Doppler Spread Compensator with MRC Diversity for ISDB-T Receiver PDF
Young-Cheol YU, Minoru OKADA, Heiichi YAMAMOTO 1214-1221

Invited Papers

Introduction to the Functional Architecture of NGN PDF
Naotaka MORITA, Hideo IMANAKA 1022-1031