Vol. E90-B, No. 7 July 2007

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A New Reduced-Complexity Decoding Algorithm for LDPC Codes PDF
Guohui SUN, Jing JIN, Wenbin YAO, Hongwen YANG 1835-1838
Efficient Motion Estimation for H.264 Codec by Using Effective Scan Ordering PDF
Jeongae PARK, Misun YOON, Hyunchul SHIN 1839-1843
A Novel Vertical Handoff Scheme Based on Mobility Speed in Integrated WLAN and UMTS Networks PDF
HyoJin KIM, JooSeok SONG 1844-1847
Adaptive Adjustment of Integration Time for BPSK Based Ultra-Wideband Frequency Hopping Receiver PDF
Jin Man KWON, Ye Hoon LEE, Nam-Soo KIM, Hwang Soo LEE 1848-1851
Receive Antenna Selection for Multiuser MIMO Systems with Tomlinson-Harashima Precoding PDF
Min HUANG, Xiang CHEN, Yunzhou LI, Shidong ZHOU, Jing WANG 1852-1856
Co-channel Interference Suppression Scheme Employing Nulling Filter and Turbo Equalizer for Single-Carrier TDMA Systems PDF
Chantima SRITIAPETCH, Seiichi SAMPEI 1857-1860
Particle Swarm Optimization Assisted Multiuser Detection along with Radial Basis Function PDF
Muhammad ZUBAIR, Muhammad Aamir Saleem CHOUDHRY, Aqdas Naveed MALIK, Ijaz Mansoor QURESHI 1861-1863
Improved Blind Decodings of STBC with Unknown and Known Channel Correlation to Transmitter PDF
Zhengwei GONG, Taiyi ZHANG, Jing ZHANG 1864-1867
Cooperative Communication for High Diversity Gain with Single Antenna PDF
Ho-Jung AN, Jee-Hoon KIM, Hyoung-Kyu SONG 1868-1871
Lattice-Reduction-Aided MMSE Tomlinson-Harashima Precoding for MIMO Systems PDF
Feng LIU, Ling-ge JIANG, Chen HE 1872-1875
Linear Dispersion Codes with Limited Feedback PDF
Dan DENG, Jin-kang ZHU, Ling QIU 1876-1879
A 2-D Subcarrier Allocation Scheme for Capacity Enhancement in a Clustered OFDM System PDF
Youngok KIM, Jaekwon KIM 1880-1883
Error Bound of Collision Probability Estimation in Non-saturated IEEE 802.11 WLANs PDF
Hyogon KIM, Jongwon YOON, Heejo LEE 1884-1885


Efficient and Secure Key Agreement for Merging Clusters in Ad-Hoc Networking Environments PDF
Sooyeon SHIN, Taekyoung KWON 1575-1583
Iterative Multiuser Detection/Decoding for Coded CDMA Systems in Non-Gaussian Noise PDF
Ivan KU, Sze Wei LEE, Teong Chee CHUAH 1584-1593
Cluster Analysis of Internet Users Based on Hourly Traffic Utilization PDF
Maria Rosario de OLIVEIRA, Rui VALADAS, Antonio PACHECO, Paulo SALVADOR 1594-1607
An ON-OFF Multi-Rate Loss Model of Finite Sources PDF
Ioannis D. MOSCHOLIOS, Michael D. LOGOTHETIS, Michael N. KOUKIAS 1608-1619
Traffic Analysis and Traffic-Smoothing Burst Assembly Methods for the Optical Burst Switching Network PDF
Ping DU, Shunji ABE 1620-1630
An Adaptive Resource-Based Probabilistic Search Algorithm for P2P Networks PDF
Haoxiang ZHANG, Lin ZHANG, Xiuming SHAN, Victor O. K. LI 1631-1639
Pricing to Stimulate Node Cooperation in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks PDF
Mingmei LI, Eiji KAMIOKA, Shigeki YAMADA 1640-1650
A Proximity-Based Self-Organizing Hierarchical Overlay Framework for Distributed Hash Tables PDF
Kwangwook SHIN, Seunghak LEE, Geunhwi LIM, Hyunsoo YOON 1651-1662
A Reinforcement Learning Approach for Admission Control in Mobile Multimedia Networks with Predictive Information PDF
Jose Manuel GIMENEZ- GUZMAN, Jorge MARTINEZ- BAUSET, Vicent PLA 1663-1673
Flexible Allocation of Optical Access Network Resources Using Constraint Satisfaction Problem PDF
Kenichi TAYAMA, Shiro OGASAWARA, Tetsuya YAMAMURA, Yasuyuki OKUMURA 1674-1681
Modeling TCP Throughput over Wired/Wireless Heterogeneous Networks for Receiver-Based ACK Splitting Mechanism PDF
Go HASEGAWA, Masashi NAKATA, Hirotaka NAKANO 1682-1691
Adaptive Hybrid Genetic Algorithm Parallel Interference Cancellation High Rate Multi-User Detection for Dual Rate W-CDMA Mobile Communications PDF
Liangfang NI, Sidan DU, Baoyu ZHENG 1692-1706
DS-CDMA Data and Channel Estimation with Antenna Array for Radiolocation--GSIC/MP/PSP Approach PDF
Sunwoo KIM 1707-1712
Performance Analysis for an MC-CDMA System over Single- and Multiple-Cell Environments in Correlated-Nakagami-m Fading PDF
Joy Iong-Zong CHEN 1713-1724
Bit Error Rate Analysis of OFDM with Pilot-Assisted Channel Estimation PDF
Richol KU, Shinsuke TAKAOKA, Fumiyuki ADACHI 1725-1733
Analysis of Iterative ICI Cancellation Algorithm for Uplink OFDMA Systems with Carrier-Frequency Offset PDF
Min HUANG, Xiang CHEN, Shidong ZHOU, Jing WANG 1734-1745
Frequency-Domain MMSE Channel Estimation for Frequency-Domain Equalization of DS-CDMA Signals PDF
Kazuaki TAKEDA, Fumiyuki ADACHI 1746-1753
Development and Performance Analysis of Non-data Aided MMSE Receiver for DS-CDMA Systems PDF
Tsui-Tsai LIN 1754-1763
Theoretical Analysis of Decision Directed Block Iterative Channel Estimation for OFDM Mobile Radio PDF
Koichi ADACHI, Masao NAKAGAWA 1764-1772
Very Fast Recursion Based Algorithm for BLAST Signal Detection in Spatial Multiplexing Systems PDF
Wenjie JIANG, Yusuke ASAI, Satoru AIKAWA 1773-1779
Signaling Channel for Coordinated Multicast Service Delivery in Next Generation Wireless Networks PDF
Alexander GLUHAK, Masugi INOUE, Klaus MOESSNER, Rahim TAFAZOLLI 1780-1790
Robust Adaptive Array Beamforming Based on Independent Component Analysis with Regularized Constraints PDF
Ann-Chen CHANG, Chih-Wei JEN, Ing-Jiunn SU 1791-1800
A Robust and Fast Imaging Algorithm with an Envelope of Circles for UWB Pulse Radars PDF
Shouhei KIDERA, Takuya SAKAMOTO, Toru SATO 1801-1809
Proposal and Simulation of Double-Pulse Brillouin Optical Time-Domain Analysis for Measuring Distributed Strain and Temperature with cm Spatial Resolution in km-Long Fiber PDF
Yahei KOYAMADA 1810-1815
Evaluation of Satellite-Based Navigation Services in Complex Urban Environments Using a Three-Dimensional GIS PDF
YongCheol SUH, Ryosuke SHIBASAKI 1816-1825
Operation Mode Based High-Level Switching Activity Analysis for Power Estimation of Digital Circuits PDF
Hyunchul SHIN, Changhee LEE 1826-1834