Vol. E90-B, No. 12 December 2007

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Hasuhisa ICHIKAWA 3335-3335


A Novel Manifold Learning Algorithm for Localization Estimation in Wireless Sensor Networks PDF
Shancang LI, Deyun ZHANG 3496-3500
A Low Power Real-Time Packet Scheduling Scheme on Wireless Local Area Networks PDF
Mikyung KANG, Dong-In KANG, Jinwoo SUH, Junghoon LEE 3501-3504
A V-BLAST System Using Modulation Set Selection for Reduced-Complexity Tree Searching in the QRD-M Algorithm PDF
Hyounkuk KIM, Kihwan JEON, Joonhyuk KANG, Hyuncheol PARK 3665-3669
Distributed PMD Compensation Experiment Using Polarizers PDF
Hiroyuki TODA, Masaki NARA, Masayuki MATSUMOTO, Daniele ALZETTA 3670-3672
An Accurate Approach of Large-Scale IP Traffic Matrix Estimation PDF
Dingde JIANG, Jun CHEN, Linbo HE 3673-3676
Extended Algorithm for Calculating Routes with Include Route Constraint in IP Networks PDF
Rie HAYASHI, Eiji OKI, Kohei SHIOMOTO 3677-3679
Lifetime Prediction Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks PDF
Minho SEO, Wonik CHOI, Yoo-Sung KIM, Jaehyun PARK 3680-3681
Localized Proxy-MIPv6 with Route Optimization in IP-Based Networks PDF
Sihun PARK, Namhi KANG, Younghan KIM 3682-3686
Interference Suppression for Block Diagonalization MIMO Downlink Systems over Time-Varying Channels PDF
Kai ZHANG, Zhisheng NIU 3687-3690
Resource Allocations for TDD OFDMA Cellular Systems Considering Traffic Asymmetries PDF
Seungyoung PARK, Yeonwoo LEE, Sangboh YUN 3691-3694
Adaptive Receive Antenna Selection for Orthogonal Space-Time Block Codes with Imperfect Channel Estimation PDF
Kai ZHANG, Zhisheng NIU 3695-3698
Efficient Combining Scheme of Scheduling and Channel Allocation in Multi-Channel Systems PDF
Hoyoung CHOI, Jinwoo CHOE, Daehyoung HONG 3699-3703
Coverage Enhancement in TDD-OFDMA Downlink by Using Simple-Relays with Resource Allocation and Throughput Guarantee Scheduler PDF
Young Min KI, Dae Wook BYUN, Dong Ku KIM 3704-3707
A Simple Code Allocation Algorithm Based on Asymptotic Analysis of MIMO MC-CDMA Systems in a Multi-Cell Environment PDF
Kyeongyeon KIM, Jaesang HAM, Chungyong LEE 3708-3711
MSE Performance Evaluation of Zero-Padded CAZAC Sequence for Reasonable Utilization PDF
Jee-Hoon KIM, Hyoung-Kyu SONG 3712-3715
Statistic-Based Magnitude Determination of Impulse Sample in Impulse Postfix OFDM Systems PDF
Namseok CHANG, Na-young KIM, Joonhyuk KANG, Youngok KIM, Hyunbeom LEE 3716-3720
New Code Set for DS-UWB PDF
Sang-Hun YOON, Daegun OH, Jong-Wha CHONG, Kyung-Kuk LEE 3721-3723
Adaptive Guard Symbol Insertion Method for One-Cell Reuse TDMA Cellular Systems PDF
Seiichiro HORIKAWA, Osamu MUTA, Yoshihiko AKAIWA 3724-3728
A Study of Timing Control and Array Weight Error Effects in the Antenna Array Aided Uplink Synchronous DS-CDMA System PDF
Yong-Seok KIM 3729-3732
Low-Complex Equalization for Single Carrier Systems Employing Cyclic Prefix over Time-Variant Channels PDF
Feng LI, Shihua ZHU, Lei WANG 3733-3737
Realization of Gain Improvement Using Helix-Monopole Antenna for Two-Way Portable Radio PDF
Ying LIU, Antao BU, Shuxi GONG, Hyengcheul CHOI, Dongsoo SHIN, Hyeongdong KIM 3738-3741
Wideband 3/4 Elliptical Ring Patch for Millimeter-Wave Communication PDF
Wei HE, Ronghong JIN, Junping GENG, Guomin YANG, This letter was withdrawn by the authors (none) 3742-3744
Edge Histogram Descriptor in Wavelet Domain Based on JPEG2000 PDF
Minyoung EOM, Yoonsik CHOE 3745-3747
Isochronous Data Transfer between AV Devices Using Pseudo CMP Protocol in IEEE 1394 over UWB Network PDF
Seong-Hee PARK, Seong-Hee LEE, Il-Soon JANG, Sang-Sung CHOI, Je-Hoon LEE, Younggap YOU 3748-3751


A Fully Integrated SoC with Digital MAC Processor and Transceiver for Ubiquitous Sensor Network at 868/915 MHz PDF
Dong-Sun KIM, Hae-Moon SEO, Seung-Yerl LEE, Yeon-Kug MOON, Byung-Soo KIM, Tae-Ho HWANG, Duck-Jin CHUNG 3336-3345
Fuzzy Adaptive Selection of Filtering Schemes for Energy Saving in Sensor Networks PDF
Hae Young LEE, Tae Ho CHO 3346-3353
Type-Based Detection with a Fusion Center Performing the Sequential Test in Wireless Sensor Networks PDF
Dmitry KRAMAREV, Insoo KOO, Kiseon KIM 3354-3361
Congestion Avoidance and Fair Event Detection in Wireless Sensor Network PDF
Md. MAMUN-OR- RASHID, Muhammad Mahbub ALAM, Md. Abdur RAZZAQUE, Choong Seon HONG 3362-3372
QoS-Aware Geographic Routing for Solar-Powered Wireless Sensor Networks PDF
Donggeon NOH, Dongeun LEE, Heonshik SHIN 3373-3382
DFP: Data Forwarding Protocol to Provide End-to-End Reliable Delivery Service in Large-Scale Wireless Sensor Networks PDF
Joo-Sang YOUN, Chul-Hee KANG 3383-3391
An Integrated Sleep-Scheduling and Routing Algorithm in Ubiquitous Sensor Networks Based on AHP PDF
Xiaoling WU, Jinsung CHO, Brian J. D' AURIOL, Sungyoung LEE, Young-Koo LEE 3392-3401
Proposal and Implementation Study of Forwarding Method for Urgent Messages on a Wireless Sensor Network PDF
Koichi ISHIBASHI, Kenichi TAKADA, Masatsugu YANO 3402-3409
Data Transmission Scheduling Based on RTS/CTS Exchange for Periodic Data Gathering Sensor Networks PDF
Takashi MATSUDA, Masumi ICHIEN, Hiroshi KAWAGUCHI, Chikara OHTA, Masahiko YOSHIMOTO 3410-3418
Dual Priority Scheduling Based on Power Adjustment Context Switching for Ubiquitous Sensor Network PDF
Dong-Sun KIM, Taeo HWANG, Seung-Yerl LEE, Kwang-Ho WON, Byung-Soo KIM, Seong-Dong KIM, Duck-Jin CHUNG 3419-3425
A Protocol for Policy-Based Session Control in Disruption Tolerant Sensor Networks PDF
Ryohei SUZUKI, Kaoru SEZAKI, Yoshito TOBE 3426-3433
A Generic Localized Broadcast Framework in Mobile Ad Hoc Ubiquitous Sensor Networks PDF
Hui XU, Brian J. D' AURIOL, Jinsung CHO, Sungyoung LEE, Byeong-Soo JEONG 3434-3444
Ubiquitous Networks with Radio Space Extension over Broadband Networks PDF
Haruhisa ICHIKAWA, Masashi SHIMIZU, Kazunori AKABANE 3445-3451
In-Network Processing for Skyline Queries in Sensor Networks PDF
Yoon KWON, Jae-Ho CHOI, Yon-Dohn CHUNG, SangKeun LEE 3452-3459
A Flexible Personal Data Disclosure Method Based on Anonymity Quantification PDF
Miyuki IMADA, Masakatsu OHTA, Mitsuo TERAMOTO, Masayasu YAMAGUCHI 3460-3469
On the Interplay of Service Proximity and Ubiquity PDF
Shafique Ahmad CHAUDHRY, Ali Hammad AKBAR, Ki-Hyung KIM 3470-3479
Activity Recorder: A Device to Record User's Activities Using RFIDs and Sensors PDF
Jun'ichi YURA, Hiroshi SAKAKIBARA, Jin NAKAZAWA, Hideyuki TOKUDA 3480-3495
Exploiting Only Channel Spatial Correlations for Optimal Power-Saving Input Covariance in MIMO-Based Wireless Systems PDF
Jung-Chieh CHEN, Chao-Kai WEN 3505-3513
Effect of Group Delay in RF BPF on Impulse Radio Systems PDF
Seong-Sik MYOUNG, Bong-Su KWON, Young-Hwan KIM, Jong-Gwan YOOK 3514-3522
Multistage Channel Estimation and Data Detection for Multi-Antenna CDMA Systems with Single Spreading Code Per User PDF
Shu-Ming TSENG, Hung-Chieh YU 3523-3529
Proposal for Adaptive Bandwidth Allocation Using One-Way Feedback Control for MPLS Networks PDF
Teruaki YOKOYAMA, Katsuyoshi IIDA, Hiroyuki KOGA, Suguru YAMAGUCHI 3530-3540
FEC-Based Reliable Transmission for Multiple Bursts in OBS Networks PDF
Satoshi ARIMA, Takuji TACHIBANA, Yuichi KAJI, Shoji KASAHARA 3541-3551
Overlay Tree Construction Algorithm for Synchronized Realtime Media Multicast Service over the Best-Effort Service Internet PDF
Hyunchul JOO, Hwangjun SONG 3552-3560
Incentive Service Differentiation for P2P Content Sharing by Wireless Users PDF
Masato YAMADA, Kenichiro SATO, Ryoichi SHINKUMA, Tatsuro TAKAHASHI 3561-3571
QoE Estimation Method for Interconnected VoIP Networks Employing Different Codecs PDF
Akira TAKAHASHI, Noritsugu EGI, Atsuko KURASHIMA 3572-3578
Experimental Evaluation of Decision Criteria for WLAN Handover: Signal Strength and Frame Retransmission PDF
Kazuya TSUKAMOTO, Takeshi YAMAGUCHI, Shigeru KASHIHARA, Yuji OIE 3579-3590
DS-CDMA Downlink Site Diversity with Frequency-Domain Equalization and Antenna Diversity Reception PDF
Hirotaka SATO, Hiromichi TOMEBA, Kazuaki TAKEDA, Fumiyuki ADACHI 3591-3597
Power and Rate Adaptations in Multicarrier DS/CDMA Communications over Rayleigh Fading Channels PDF
Ye Hoon LEE, Sun Yong KIM, Seokho YOON 3598-3605
Joint Optimization of Power Allocation and Detection Ordering for Closed-Loop OSIC System PDF
Deok-Kyu HWANG, Seung-Hoon HWANG, Keum-Chan WHANG 3606-3611
A Fair Scheduling Algorithm for Multiple-Antenna Cellular Networks with Dynamic Traffic Load PDF
Masoomeh TORABZADEH, Yusheng JI 3612-3621
Physical Channel Structures and Cell Search Method for Scalable Bandwidth for OFDM Radio Access in Evolved UTRA Downlink PDF
Motohiro TANNO, Kenichi HIGUCHI, Satoshi NAGATA, Yoshihisa KISHIYAMA, Mamoru SAWAHASHI 3622-3631
Unsupervised Classification of Polarimetric SAR Images by EM Algorithm PDF
Kamran-Ullah KHAN, Jian YANG, Weijie ZHANG 3632-3642
Mobile Positioning and Tracking Based on TOA/TSOA/TDOA/AOA with NLOS-Reduced Distance Measurements PDF
Wei-Kai CHAO, Kuen-Tsair LAY 3643-3653
Moving Object Detection for Real Time Video Surveillance: An Edge Based Approach PDF
M. Julius HOSSAIN, M. Ali Akber DEWAN, Oksam CHAE 3654-3664