Vol. E91-B, No. 3 March 2008

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Table of Contents


New H FIR Smoother for Linear Discrete-Time State-Space Models PDF
ChoonKi AHN, SooHee HAN 896-899
Cryptanalysis of the Hwang-Lo-Lin Scheme Based on an ID-Based Cryptosystem and Its Improvement PDF
Haeryong PARK, Kilsoo CHUN, Seungho AHN 900-903
Remark about Transition Probabilities Calculation for Single Server Queues with Lognormal Inter-Arrival or Service Time Distributions PDF
Moon Ho LEE, Alexander DUDIN, Alexy SHABAN, Subash Shree POKHREL, Wen Ping MA 904-906
FIR Filter of DS-CDMA UWB Modem Transmitter PDF
Kyu-Min KANG, Sang-In CHO, Hui-Chul WON, Sang-Sung CHOI 907-909
An Integrated Dynamic Online Management Framework for QoS-Sensitive Multimedia Overlay Networks PDF
Sungwook KIM, Myungwhan CHOI, Sungchun KIM 910-914
Low Power Configuration Strategy of TCAM Lookup Table PDF
Sanghyeon BAEG 915-917
A Novel User Scheduling Algorithm in Inhomogeneous Networks PDF
Huan SUN, Xinyu WANG, Xiaohu YOU 918-921
Accurate Bit-Error Rate Evaluation for TH-PPM Systems in Nakagami Fading Channels Using Moment Generating Functions PDF
Bin LIANG, Erry GUNAWAN, Choi Look LAW, Kah Chan TEH 922-926
A Novel Strategy Using Factor Graphs and the Sum-Product Algorithm for Satellite Broadcast Scheduling Problems PDF
Jung-Chieh CHEN 927-930
PAPR Advantage of Amplitude Clipped OFDM/TDM PDF
Haris GACANIN, Fumiyuki ADACHI 931-934
A Companding Technique for PAPR Reduction of OFDM Systems PDF
Miin-Jong HAO, Chung-Ping LIAW 935-938
A Design of the Signal Processing Hardware Platform for Communication Systems PDF
Byung Wook LEE, Sung Ho CHO 939-942
An Efficient AOA Estimation Scheme Based on Cyclic Pilot Symbols for Positioning of Mobile Objects in Indoor Environments PDF
Sekchin CHANG 943-946
An Adaptive User Grouping and Subcarrier Allocation Algorithm for Grouped MC-CDMA Systems PDF
Jinri HUANG, Zhisheng NIU 947-950
MIMO Detector Based on Trellis Structure PDF
Jin LEE, Sin-Chong PARK 951-954
Impact of Channel Estimation Error on the Sum-Rate in MIMO Broadcast Channels with User Selection PDF
Yupeng LIU, Ling QIU 955-958
Simplified Maximum-Likelihood Detection for a Coded DSTTD-OFDM System PDF
Hyounkuk KIM, Hyuncheol PARK 959-962
Numerical and Experimental Impedance Analyses of Dipole Antenna in the Vicinity of Deionized Water at Different Temperatures PDF
Amin SAEEDFAR, Hiroyasu SATO, Kunio SAWAYA 963-967
New Recursive Least Squares Algorithms without Using the Initial Information PDF
Jung Hun PARK, Zhonghua QUAN, Soohee HAN, Wook Hyun KWON 968-971
Designing Algebraic Trellis Code as a New Fixed Codebook Module for ACELP Coder PDF
Jakyong JUN, Sangwon KANG, Thomas R. FISCHER 972-974
Improved Noise Reduction with Packet Loss Recovery Based on Post-Filtering over IP Networks PDF
Jinsul KIM, Hyunwoo LEE, Won RYU, Seungho HAN, Minsoo HAHN 975-979
Computational Analysis for Digital TV Protection from Cognitive Radio PDF
Young-Keun YOON, Ik-Guen CHOI 980-983


Optimization for Optical Network Designs Based on Existing Power Grids PDF
Areeyata SRIPETCH, Poompat SAENGUDOMLERT 689-699
A Mitigation Technique of High-Power MAI in the Multimedia Optical CDMA System with the Optical Power Selector PDF
Kohki OHBA, Takaya MIYAZAWA, Iwao SASASE 700-709
Intermediate-Hop Preemption to Improve Fairness in Optical Burst Switching Networks PDF
Masayuki UEDA, Takuji TACHIBANA, Shoji KASAHARA 710-721
Nearly Equal Delay Path Set Configuration (NEED-PC) for Multipath Delay Jitter Reduction PDF
Takafumi OKUYAMA, Kenta YASUKAWA, Katsunori YAMAOKA 722-732
Design and Experimental Evaluation of a Scheme for Maximal Improvement of End-to-End QoS in Heterogeneous IP Networks PDF
Dai YAMAMOTO, Hideki TODE, Toshihiro MASAKI, Koso MURAKAMI 733-741
Proactive Data Filtering Algorithm for Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks PDF
Sungrae CHO 742-749
IP Packet Loss Prevention Scheme with Bicast and Forwarding for Handover in Mobile Communications PDF
Masahiko SAITO, Akihito MORIMOTO, Masao NAKAGAWA 750-760
TCP Flow Level Performance Evaluation on Error Rate Aware Scheduling Algorithms in Evolved UTRA and UTRAN Networks PDF
Yan ZHANG, Masato UCHIDA, Masato TSURU, Yuji OIE 761-771
Optimum Pulse Shape Design for UWB Systems with Timing Jitter PDF
Wilaiporn LEE, Suwich KUNARUTTANAPRUK, Somchai JITAPUNKUL 772-783
Proposal of Simple PAPR Reduction Method for OFDM Signal by Using Dummy Sub-Carriers PDF
BER Performance Analysis of MC-CDMA with Overlap-FDE PDF
Hiromichi TOMEBA, Kazuaki TAKEDA, Fumiyuki ADACHI 795-804
Code Combining in Cooperative Communication PDF
ASADUZZAMAN (none), Hyung Yun KONG 805-813
Obtained Diversity Gain in OFDM Systems under the Influence of IQ Imbalance PDF
Younghwan JIN, Jihyeon KWON, Yuro LEE, Dongchan LEE, Jaemin AHN 814-820
Theoretical Results about MIMO Minimal Distance Precoder and Performances Comparison PDF
Baptiste VRIGNEAU, Jonathan LETESSIER, Philippe ROSTAING, Ludovic COLLIN, Gilles BUREL 821-828
MIMO Systems in the Presence of Feedback Delay PDF
Kenichi KOBAYASHI, Tomoaki OHTSUKI, Toshinobu KANEKO 829-836
Likelihood Estimation for Reduced-Complexity ML Detectors in a MIMO Spatial-Multiplexing System PDF
Masatsugu HIGASHINAKA, Katsuyuki MOTOYOSHI, Akihiro OKAZAKI, Takayuki NAGAYASU, Hiroshi KUBO, Akihiro SHIBUYA 837-847
Radio-on-DWDM Transport Systems Based on Injection-Locked Fabry-Perot Laser Diodes PDF
Hai-Han LU, Wen-Jeng HO, Wen- I LIN, Hsiang-Chun PENG, Po-Chou LAI, Hoshin YEE 848-853
Distributed Fair Auto Rate Medium Access Control for IEEE 802.11 Based WLANs PDF
Yanfeng ZHU, Zhisheng NIU 854-861
Analysis of Adaptive Control Scheme in IEEE 802.11 and IEEE 802.11e Wireless LANs PDF
Bih-Hwang LEE, Hui-Cheng LAI 862-870
A Lightweight Radial Line Slot Antenna with Honeycomb Structure for Space Use PDF
Hideki UEDA, Jiro HIROKAWA, Makoto ANDO, Osamu AMANO, Yukio KAMATA 871-877
Two-Dimensional Target Location Estimation Technique Using Leaky Coaxial Cables PDF
Kenji INOMATA, Takashi HIRAI, Yoshio YAMAGUCHI, Hiroyoshi YAMADA 878-886
Effective Echo Detection and Accurate Orbit Estimation Algorithms for Space Debris Radar PDF
Kentaro ISODA, Takuya SAKAMOTO, Toru SATO 887-895